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    Australia/ UK
    I don't care for Ava , Imogen, Juniper, Faith or Grace or any word names for that matter.

    I love Blair for a girl and i love Posey for some reason although i probably wouldn't use it.
    writing a novel and not having babies anytime soon.

    girls: Nina, Sage, Blair, Penelope nn: Poppy/Posey/Lola, Cordelia, Cecily/Cecelia/Celia, Amelia, Hazel, Willow
    boys: Damian, Emmett, Nathan, Chase, Nathaniel, Jesse, Blaise, Dash

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    Mabel is one I just do not get the appeal of. Do not like the look or sound of it at all.

    Harper/Piper- Too trendy and I guess I just don't like the er ending for girls names

    Willow- Don't like the sound or the vibe I get from this name.

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    Agatha -- doesn't sound youthful at all to me and I hate how it looks in print
    Agnes -- ditto
    Violet -- Maybe it's because I'm not a fan of the color, but I never understood the appeal of this name
    Hazel -- Don't like the sound
    Helen -- Too dated to my ears. I keep picturing someone in her 50s
    Alice -- Can't help thinking of Mel's Diner or the housekeeper on the Brady Bunch
    Wren -- This one is actually okay. It just feels unfinished when I say it out loud, like a nickname almost

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    Felicity - I just do not understand the appeal.

    Two that I can't stop loving from when I was younger are Kiki and Pepper. I know that they're pretty juvenile, but they remind me of really happy times and they're just so cute. Pepper Bailey and Kiki Giallo.
    Mommy to one Snug.

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    Names I dislike:
    Cordelia- I don't like the long e in the middle.
    Abigail- It's so popular in the U.S. and I just don't see the appeal at all.
    Magnolia- Nola is a cute nm, but the full name does absolutely nothing for me.

    A Name I like no one else does:
    Hester- Apparently everyone hates this name? I love it, I don't know why but I do.

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