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    My sister hates her name!

    My sister is almost eighteen. She will be going off to college soon, and she is thinking about changing what she goes by. Her first name is Jessica, which she doesn't like because it is so common. She also doesn't like the Shakespearean origin of it because The Merchant of Venice is so controversial, and Jessica is perhaps not the best of characters. However, she does like the sound of Jessica, and she doesn't want to change her first name because she feels like that is still a part of her identity. Unfortunately, she doesn't like the typical nicknames for Jessica, but if you can think of any others, she may be open to them.

    She does want to change her middle name though. It's Paige now, which is very much a filler name. She also thinks the meaning is boring, and she would prefer a middle name that is more meaningful.

    She is hoping that she could change her middle name and go either by it or by a nickname for it. However, many "P" names do not work very well with Jessica. Our last name is two syllables and ends in an "n." Can you think of a new middle name for her, preferably one that has nicknames and a nice meaning?

    I know this might be a difficult task, so thanks so much! If you have any other suggestions about what she could do about her name, please feel free to mention them.

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    The only non-typical nickname I could think of for Jessica would be Sia (like the Australian singer).
    It contains all the same letters in the same order, mightn't be much help but I thought I'd suggest it.
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    Also Sissy, or alternately Cici
    She could even make the nickname all her own and spell it Sici. (sici reminds me of sicily though... which according to nameberry is also a name).

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    i happen to love Paige, reminds me of Rose McGowens character on Charmed.

    of course that leads me to the other characters Piper, Phoebe, Prudence, and Patricia

    others: Penelope, Persephone

    dont think any of these really work with Jessica, they arent of the same style.

    i say learn to love, the same as you would your eyes or nose. accept yourself for who you are, dont slather on a bunch or stuff or change yourself.

    plus shes just a teenager! grow up a little, everyone feels like they want to change everything about themselves when they are that age.

    and changing your middle doesnt really seem like it'll change much since she isnt going by it, it'll just be her knowing it and personally feeling better.

    think its more beneficial for her to know and love her name as it is, that growth is what brings true inner confidence & happiness.

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