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    Spelling matters a lot when I read. Different spellings give off different images and colours which can totally change my perspective of a character. Also, when you read, you don't actually hear the sounds of the name-you see the name.

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    Haha I saw the title of this and just thought 'well, spelling in writing is pretty damn important!' then I remembered it was a names forum

    Um... I think with names like Maisie/Maisy Holly/Hollie etc it doesn't matter too much, though personally I generally put 'y' instead of 'ie' because I don't think 'ie' looks finished.

    But, as other people have said if it's a choice between Ashley and Aashleigh then always go with the original spelling.

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    I think spelling does matter. In a book, there's a big difference to me whether a character is Raina, Reyna or Rayna. Lilah and Lila are two different people, as are Sasha and Sascha.
    Without knowing too much about your characters, I'd say Maisy fits in better with Jack, Auberon and Calista, but Maisie could work if this is a realistic fiction story and she's just a normal little kid (though I didn't get that sense by the word choice and name choice you gave). Maisy gives an equally innocent, but somehow more fantastical feel. Maisy is in a fantasy, dystopian or sci-fi story, while Maisie is in modern time and place.

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    @ bibliophile - I think you have a point, spelling does give off a different feel (I experimented by imagining the name Clary spelled Clarrie or s something in a book).
    @renrose - In retrospect, I should probably have mentioned that in the title, lol.

    So apparently, most people gree that spelling makes a difference. Hmmm...

    (and on a sidenote, I'm probably going with Maisy, because it looks more mature and looks better with her middle name, Rebecca. Feel free to attempt to change my mind XD)
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    I like Maisie better, myself.
    I think the spelling of names changes the depth and perception of the way a character is perceived, but overall, it's not important to everyone, because some people don't think the spelling matters, so it doesn't affect them.
    (Did I just use the wrong affect/effect? My computer was like "affect", but I'm not so sure)
    Anyhow, like I was saying, it's different for everyone. If you spell it Maisy, but describe her perfectly, I'll never think of her as Maisie because you didn't write her that way.
    But I agree that, for the writer, finding the right name is important, and spelling it differently can add character. If Mae is the right name, but you use May, then it isn't "the right name". But for the reader, it's not so important.
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