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    Question Writers: How important is spelling?

    I know how important the right name is to a story - more than once I've realized that the reason my characters aren't feeling right is because they've got the wrong names. But what about spelling? I'm the kind of person who counts Callista and Calista as the same name, so it's even weirder for me.
    I changed my villain from Oberon to Auberon yesterday (and I'd been pronouncing them both the same), and it was surprising how much clearer he became in my mind and how easy he was to write after that, and right now I'm trying to decide which is better for Jack's little sister, Maisy or Maisie. It got me thinking.

    So how important is spelling to you guys? And which would you pick - Maisie or Maisy?
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    Spelling matters. It determines just how feminine/masculine a name is. I need a spelling that is easy to type (I don't type 'properly'), intuitive, and not annoying. Randall vs. Randal. I found myself slipping into Randall due to my typing speed, and had to go back and change it because I only want one L.

    Maisie is a clear May-zee pronunciation, and it is visually appealing without the Y jutting below to rest of the letters. Maisy looks more off and might give some people May-see or My-see.

    However, Maisie is very little girl to me. Maisy looks slightly more adult/mature. For an adult/older character, I'd use Maisie as a nickname. For a child, Maisie on it's own.
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    I'd use Maisie, but I don't think name spelling matters enormously, unless you deliberately misspell a name. To me, the difference between Maisie and Maisy is negligible, but the difference between Emily and Emmeleigh is massive and would annoy me a lot.
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    As long as everyone knows how to pronounce the name, what does it matter?
    And to help you with the Maisie/Maisy problem, I would pull one of the names out of a hat.

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    as a reader i agree, spelling counts and gives a different vibe. just make sure its not crazy stuff, use legitimate spellings.

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