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    Is this a real name?

    Okay, I ran across this name and I really like it but I am having trouble finding any information on it.


    Anyone have some history or a meaning behind this name? Also, what do you think of it?
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    I've never seen it, seems like it might be an inventive spelling of Eirys? I'm not sure how legit Eirys is but it has some presence on the web as a Welsh spelling of Iris (which I think would sound great with Rowan if it has the air-iss prn, but Iris should just be spelled Iris).

    One problem: as I'm reading it, it basically sounds like heiress...maybe our accents are different though, and that's not the worst thing.

    Here's some info that suggests pretty strongly this is a name without much grounding:

    Aeris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There could be something I'm missing though, but Ae does not tend to begin a lot of names....

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    If you have to ask than it's probably not,though the way I'm pronouncing it makes it sounds like the mythical god of war's name.
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    I'm pronouncing it like Eris, the goddess of discord, strife, and chaos. Perhaps it's an alternate spelling.
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