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    Middle Name for Dixon

    We've decided on the first name Dixon for our son (due in 3 weeks). These are the middle name options we've narrowed it down to:
    -Page (My maiden name but I've never heard it used for a boy...too feminine?)
    -McQuade (It's a family name/my father-in-law's middle name but are Dixon and McQuade both too unusual to pair together?)
    -James (It's my husband's favorite and somewhat of a family name on my side. I'm not sure if it sounds funny to have both his middle and last name ending in 's')

    So...what do you think?:
    Dixon Page Shields
    Dixon McQuade Shields
    Dixon James Shields

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    I like Dixon James Shields best. Dixon McQuade comes in second.

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    I'm not a big fan of the matching -s endings on JameS and ShieldS. It's a bit hissy... I'd go for Dixon McQuaide Shields... it sounds a bit cowboyish and rugged. Page is girly, imho.
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    I like Dixon Page and Dixon McQuade. I think Page totally works, especially because it's your maiden name. I really like Dixon James, but I agree that it might sound like too many -s endings.

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    Thanks....I REALLY appreciate the input!

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