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    Maisie Elisabeth and Matilda Marie are my favorites from your list.

    Some other ideas:

    Harriet Louisa
    Harriet Hazel
    Scout Elizabeth
    Georgia Eloise

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    Thanks for the ideas and opinions and helping me narrow down some options! I love the different combinations you guys all suggested!

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    fiammetta Guest
    Harriet Marie is my favourite combination.

    1. Harriet Marie
    2. Georgia Alice
    3. Matilda Marie
    4. Maisie Elisabeth
    5. Scout Eloise

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    Georgia Alice is really pretty. I like Matilda Marie too, especially because it also works as Tillie Marie.

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    Matilda/Tillie is the only first name of those I'd use. I also like Tillie as a nickname for some other names.

    Matilda Marie is perfectly usable and respectable. I also like Matilda Elizabeth, unless that is too many syllables with your last name - in which case I also like Mae as much as I like Marie.

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