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    I didnt say scarred for life. I said saddled. We all have things to overcome in life but why overcome a bad name? And for kids, boys especially, ostracism at an early age is tought. I think the trend towards odd names is reflective of the lessening of male participation in naming children. Its not feelings its the way life is. My daughter used to tell me that she suffered mercilessly at the hands of other girls for what were to me trivialities. But as a guy I knew enough to accept things about girls and women that I dont understand but understand exist. I think this is one of those cases in reverse. As for Oakley and Messiah whose going to hire them when there is a Jared or Thomas to select, (doesnt happen? Think again)?

    Lastly, this a website about names, not unusual names. Sorry for pushing your buttons- btw most of your current loves are neither unusual or ugly.

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    I think you make some valid points. At least, some food for thought when choosing a name. I instinctively rebel against most social norms and always have, so I want to say, "Frankly, I don't give a damn," except of course, it's not me that's going to be saddled with an overly elaborate name. I'd love to have a son named Hyperion, Taliesin, Pellinore, Azariah, or something else that sounds dreamy and romantic. Right now, my two top picks for a son are Lachlan called Lock and Gwydion called Ion, both of which satisfy my vision of a "dreamy" name, while giving my son a more masculine or at least more common name they can go by.

    I think the majority of men select traditional names for their sons and daughters. I'm not certain why, but it seems to be the case time after time. For their daughters, they pick the names that were popular when they were in school, names that sound dated to me. Name trends change, and the children of today have a wider range of names, many of them quite unique. I'm not including unique spellings of common names, as they sound exactly the same. Boys top 10 names in the US include Aiden, Ethan, and Liam, all of which sound much softer than a lot of the names of boys I grew up around. They're restrained, I suppose, which probably helps.

    My brother always rolls his eyes at the names I have picked for my sons, and I do take that into consideration. My SO and future father of my children likes many of the same type of name I like, so only time will tell what sort of name we ultimately decide on. My SO is my idea of a perfect man. He's masculine. He chops the wood and fixes things. He's adventurous and an avid outdoorsmen. He climbs mountains in Alaska with a mountain bike strapped to his back and then hoots and hollers with joy the whole way down. He has a dirty sense of humor and a quick wit, and will come to my defense with words or fists depending on the situation. He also quotes poetry and washes the dishes and I've seen him cry over the loss of a beloved pet. If our son has the sort of name that other men consider prissy or cabbage patchy, I hope he's half the man his father is and lets the other "men" know he doesn't give a shit. But if he isn't that sort of man, he's more than welcome to change his name. Hopefully we saddle him with a name that hits the perfect balance and it will be a non issue.
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    I agree with you to some extent (I'm not really a fan of unisex or feminine sounding male names), but I do think there's a difference between choosing a masculine name for your son, and limiting yourself to only classic male names for fear of your child being teased. I agree with pp's that children nowadays are very accustomed to unique names. I teach children, and I have never heard a kid tease or criticize another kid about their name, including the boys I've had named Kynlee and Rowynn.

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    I think you are generalizing both genders far too much. I agree with lizgingermitch, you can't speak for your entire gender, any more than I can speak for mine.

    I find it odd that you say women are more likely to 'saddle' their kids with unique names, yet there have actually been a lot of threads on this website with women asking for advice because their husbands have a really odd/unique taste in names. Yes there are threads regarding situations when the tastes are reversed, but I really don't understand how it's logical to generalize anything. Every person is different and has different opinions on names, regardless of their gender.

    I've never understood the argument that a John is more likely to get the job than someone with a more original name. Won't all the Jacob's and Ethan's blend in, whereas the Caspian will be more memorable? The only time I think this argument is legitimate is when it is a crazy misspelling such as Jheighdynn or something.

    May I also ask what your opinion about boy names used for girls is?
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    I find your view to be sexist and offensive. Your points were valid in the 1940's. Names are evolving just as society is. I believe if you took the time to actually look into NB posts, you would find that women are rarely "saddling" their children with anything. It is a partnership between both parents (when possible).

    Try not to be such a chauvinist the next you thrust your opinion onto half of the world's population.
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