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    A thought about boy names

    I love names. I think they can convey so much and its so exciting to be able to give another human being a name that they will carry for life. I have perused these forums and I must say that as a guy I am a bit scared for the boys names bandied about. Many are prissy, awkward or just plain old "Cabbage Patchy" These cute little boy will grow up saddled with a pompous names, ridiculous names, or plain old ugly names.

    I will admit I don't get the opposite sex well but I get my own and for all those names you tag your boys with they will likely drop them as soon as possible for some less embarrassing name that his male-peers will select, (i.e. a nick name).

    When you look over time at the consistancy of guy names versus girl names you understand something. When guys are helping to select a name they are less than likely to choose "unique" names for their sons. Why? Because fathers are less likely to saddle their sons with names that might make it difficult for them to integrate socially with their peers.

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    Saracita, thanks...I'll admit I loved naming my kids and we made it a fun event. I still like seeing what's going on in the world of names. I'm also working on a book and getting the name right is important. Cheers =)

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    Hi fellow writer. I agree with you to a large extent. I'd be interested in hearing your kids names if you wanted to share.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    I disagree. While every name thrown around Nameberry isn't my personal preference, I highly doubt boys will be scarred for life with the names most posters suggest.

    If you look at the actual statistics and numbers (and not just "feelings"), there is a wider range of names given to both boys and girls these days than there ever has been-- and even a huge jump from the time you (and I, I'm guessing) were in school. Ethan, Noah, Liam, Jayden and Aiden were in the top 10 most popular names given to boys last year. Lucas is 27. Christian is 33. Angel was at 57, and given to about 7,000 little boys (far more boys than girls). About the same number were given the name Sebastian (way more if you count the spelling Sebastien).

    Here's the crazier ones: Ezekiel is in the 200, and was given to nearly 2,000 boys. Ezra is even higher.

    Kingston (#210)
    Skyler (290)
    Rowan (a berry fave at #301)
    Dallas (322)
    Dexter (berry fave- 362)
    Atticus (berry fave- 410)
    Walker (411)
    Solomon (441)
    Marvin (469)
    Rhys and Pierce (both v. popular here at 476 and 479, respectively)
    Harper (Yes, given to 414 boys last year)
    Raphael (626)
    Theo (ENORMOUSLY popular here, surprisingly, only at 794 on the charts)

    and so on. Honestly, there's been such a trend toward individualistic names in the last 15 years that teasing based on names is not going to be an issue, and the discrimination we've seen on names is going to disappear to some degree.

    Who's going to bully Oakley when there's a Messiah right next to him?!

    Yup, more than 750 boys were given the name Messiah last year.

    Also, this website is specifically meant for people who prefer unusual names. I don't really know what you were expecting when you signed up.
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