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    Lee Crosslee, when nn clashes with last name

    Hi Berries i have a slight name dilemma and want to know if i should scrap this name or keep it.

    The problem being is i love the name Leander nn Lee however our last name is pronounced Crosslee (spelt differently)

    Would he ever be called nn and last name together?? I know for my nn i never get it with my last name but i sometimes write it together..

    Alternatively i could drop the nn Lee and go for Leo or ander... i suppose im just really trying to make this name work !! Does it matter if a nn clashes with a last name??

    So is the consensus Lee Crosslee too much???


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    I think Lee Crosslee is bearable, particularly since he has the longer form Leander to fall back on. If it's any comfort, I know a Leeann Lee and a Harley Lee (ugh) who've gotten through life with no permanent emotional scars.

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    I love Leander - are you opposed to nm Leo? I prefer it to Lee as a nm and it sounds better with your last name!
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    Lee Crosslee is too much. For me, Leander Crosslee and Leo Crosslee are also too much... I don't like repeating sounds... But it just depends on you.
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    i personally would never call a Leander, Lee.

    is your name really a LEE sound or is it LEY? to be there is a subtle difference because LEE would have a lot of emphasis on the last syllable.

    can also try LYSANDER

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