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    Our baby naming journey begins! Need some Help.

    I am looking for a combo which is swoon worthy. Or something I get giddy about! I do not have a specific style. I just go with what I like. I started another thread before but all those names were vetoed this morning. So here I am again. I thought we had a boys name chosen but now my boyfriend is unsure about it. And I can not find another combo I like with the name. I am putting it aside and back to the drawing board on different names and combos. Let me know what you think. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Ariston Grey
    Cyprian Atlas
    Cyprian Altair
    Cyprian Rafferty
    Cyprian Edward
    Roman Xavier
    Roman Ignatius
    Rohmer Evander
    Rohmer Ignatius
    Leander Ignatius
    Leon Edward
    Leon Alistair
    Leon Evander
    Leon Balthasar
    Leon Ignatius

    Thanks in advance
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    Here are a few random thoughts about your list, overall I like it!
    My favorite combo is Leander Ignatius
    I can't decide if I like Leon Alistair or Leon Evander better, both are awesome!
    I'm not crazy about Rohmer, I prefer Roman, I like Roman Xavier ok but I would like Roman Ignatius better.
    I'm not so crazy about Maksim either, it seems rather trendy to me.
    I like Cyprian, but I'm not crazy about the combos. I would really like Cyprian Edward if it were an option.
    I like Ariston Grey.
    I tried to say something about each name. hth

    I just read your previous post. I love Cyprian Esmond!! Is there a reason it is no longer on your list? I like it as much if not more than Leander Ignatius.
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    @averelladavina- Thank you for chiming in about each individual name! We did have Roman Ignatius on our list but my boyfriend is so so with it. Maksim was just vetoed by my boyfriend so that helps with that ha. I actually like how you just mentioned Cyprian Edward! That kind of just made me swoon. It has the cool classic vibe which shockingly I like. I am adding that to the list. I appreciate the help, I thought boy names were going to be easy lol.
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    I think you closed your boy thread just as I was about to comment on it this morning! But my votes were for the few still in the running and I'm much too invested in this for my own good, so here's the response I still had open lol. (I realize there are gonna be a couple repeats now but that makes me feel like it's somewhat on track so it might still be helpful.)

    I still like Roman Xavier but this time I was really drawn to Cyprian Altair. Lots of pretty lilting vowels in that name which I can never resist. Altair is one of my newer faves. You seem to like somewhat softer sounding boys names so I will try my hand at a few suggestions, let me know if I am way off, lol.

    And Leon Alistair is my Leo choice from the new combos. =]
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    @Amy, I had to close it because my boyfriend basically vetoed all of the names I created. So now we have names that we can some what agree on. I actually like Cyprian Altair better then Cyprian Atlas because our last name starts with a SCH making a Shh sound so the transition can be rough but its still in the middle so its not that bad I guess. I also am kind of loving Cyprian Edward as well, I feel like it grounds the name a little bit but still has the cool vibe. Roman Xavier is still on the list but I am not in love or swooning.

    Lets break down your list!
    Alastair- I like this as a first. Something like Alastair Grey, I like Grey I feel like it has a cool soft vibe. Or any other middle suggestion?
    Bram- He would say no to this.
    Caspian- Oh Caspian. I have loved Capsian from the start. I had Caspian Grey on my list at one point and he vetoed it.
    Cedric- Not really a fan of this, it sounds snotty or like a butlers names.
    Dean- I knew a jerk of a guy in highschool named Dean who I went to prom. lol so that one is def. off.
    Gawain- I have no idea how to pronounce this lol
    Gerard- I like Gerard as a whole but I hate nicknames, like I would hate if he was called Jerry/Geri.
    Heath- I love this but reminds me of the past away actor. :/
    Hugh- I could see this in a middle spot but not as a front runner.
    Julian- We had this in the middle spot which I liked since its romantic yet strong.
    Leander- We have this on our list! Leander Ignatius
    Orlando- Ugh I love Orlando! I tried for this and the first thing he brought up was Orlando Bloom. I will ask him again about this though.
    Remiel- Same with this how do you pronounce it?
    Tristan- Not a fan of this one even though I like Julian. Maybe because I knew Tristian in the daycare I worked at who was a terror.
    Vincent- Again I like the name as a whole but I hate nicknames especially Vinny.

    I feel like its impossible to find a good name!
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