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    August Sebastian ...

    What are your thoughts on August Sebastian? Do you think it's to S heavy?

    If you don't like the combination what two middle names would you pair with August?
    If you think the combination is fine what name would you add onto the end of August Sebastian?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Anyone ... ?

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    In theory both names are nice. I think, however they are a bit heavy and bookish. You are right too, the double 'S' is a bit much. If you really like them switch the two. Sebastian August works better.

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    I like both names, but for some reason the combo just doesn't sound quite right to me. I agree with wesleyca that Sebastian August flows much better.

    Sebastian August Jude would be a fantastic combo.

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    I find the T gets lost to the point it's almost slurred to Augussebastian. That could just be me being a mush-mouth though?

    August Jethro is a combo on my own list. I know Jethro is fully a love/hate name though. (And most people hate it!).

    August Joel Reuben? August Dominic Rhys? August Peregrine Cael. August Malachi Zane.

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