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    English Triplets – Wednesday, Maple, and Haven (Not British English, but technically English)

    Irish Triplets – Sorcha, Caoimhe, and Eimear

    Scottish Triplets – Effie, Kenna, and Blair

    Welsh Triplets – Gywneth, Eira, and Arwen

    French Triplets – Eulalie, Tulipe, and Mireille

    Italian Triplets – Fiammetta, Silvana, and Ginevra

    Spanish Triplets – Lola, Adora, and Dulce

    Dutch/Scandinavian/German Triplets – Saga, Vreni, and Reinhilde

    African Triplets – Zuri (Swahili), Sekai (Shona), and Nuru (Swahili)

    Arabic Triplets – Nazli, Salma, and Zahia

    Hindi Triplets – Lilavati, Vidya, and Avani

    Slavic Triplets – Viorica, Ioana, and Zita

    Japanese Triplets – Kokoro, Aoi, and Hikaru

    Biblical Triplets – Delilah, Zillah, and Eve

    Classical Triplets – Eudocia, Ambrosia, and Zosime

    Vintage Triplets – Eloise, Agatha, and Lenore

    Mythological Triplets – Ourania, Astraea, and Ilithyia

    Shakespearean Triplets – Ophelia, Titiana, and Cordelia

    Flower Triplets – Orchid, Amaryllis, and Gardenia

    Bird Names – Raven, Circe, and Sparrow

    Place Names – India, Odessa, and Alexandria

    Word/Virtue Triplets – Verity, Honora, and Prudence

    Nickname Triplets – Zuzu, Whimsy, and Cass

    One-Syllable Triplets – Blythe, Fae, and Zelle

    Feminization Triplets – Augusta, Philippa, and Maxine

    Feminissima Triplets – Anastasia, Seraphina, and Evangelina

    Unisex Triplets – Sasha, Brio, and Mica
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