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    Oh, Berries I'm loving some of your wonderful triplet trios. Here are my faves. Keep them coming!

    @mclola - Welsh Triplets – Bronwen, Aeronwy, Gwyneira/Word/Virtue Triplets – Verity, Mercy, Blythe /One-Syllable Triplets – Jane, Clare, Ruth

    @marychez - Irish Triplets – Ciara, Maeve and Aoife/Flower Triplets – Dahlia, Poppy and Iris/Feminization Triplets – Francesca, Alexandra and Theodora

    @mega_muffin - Flower Triplets – Wisteria, Jasmine, Violet/ Place Names – Verona, Ravenna, Siena (Viva Italia!) / Feminization Triplets – Alexandra, Charlotte, Gabrielle/ Feminissima Triplets – Theophania, Artemisia, Seraphina

    @maggiefromcanada - English Triplets - Alice, Philippa, and Bryony/ French Triplets - Anaïs, Noémie, and Estelle/Italian Triplets - Alessandra, Chiara, and Giulia/ Japanese Triplets - Ayumi, Mariko, and Sakura/ Biblical Triplets - Hannah, Rachel, and Miriam/ Feminization Triplets - Alexandra, Georgia, and Josephine / German Triplets (added this category) - Christiane, Elise, and Franziska (I knew I missed something. I was suppose to add German to the Dutch/Scandinavian category (Northern Europe)).

    @mrs_anton_yeltchin1990 - "Classical" is defined as names from Ancient Rome or Greece. It's different from "Classic". Biblical Triplets – Rachel, Abigail and Mary/ Feminissima Triplets – Seraphina, Rosalie and Isadora

    @little.lottie710 - Scottish Triplets - Bonnie, Elspeth, & Maisie/ Italian Triplets - Eleonora, Gemma, & Serafina/ Spanish Triplets - Diana, Alejandra, & Magdalena/Mythological Triplets - Daphne, Thea, & Clio

    @alicevictorious - French Triplets – Mathilde, Eulalie and Vivienne/ Hindi Triplets – Priya, Jaya and Veda/One-Syllable Triplets – June, Grace and Kate/Feminization Triplets – Aurelia, Theodora and Harriet

    @frustratedauthor - Spanish Triplets – Elena, Mercedes, and Paloma/ Dutch/Scandinavian Triplets – Astrid, Freya, and Liv/ Mythological Triplets – Artemis, Maia, and Persephone

    @ottilie - Scottish Triplets – Finola, Una and Moira/ French Triplets – Melisande, Amarante and Blanchefleur/ Flower Triplets – Iris, Jasmine and Mimosa/ One-Syllable Triplets – Faye, Gwen and Liv

    @bellababy - French Triplets – Vivienne, Genevieve and Charlotte/ Hindi Triplets – Priya, Neha and Anika/Biblical Triplets – Rachel, Delilah and Susanna / One-Syllable Triplets – Jane, Claire and Rose

    @charlieandperry1 - English Triplets – Eleanor, Georgina and Rosamund / Cornish Triplets - Morwenna, Kerensa & Lamorna (thanks for the addition. I had to stop somewhere as I was getting carried away ). I am thinking of a boys version. Stay tuned!

    @geeknamezyo - Italian Triplets – Fiammetta, Cosima and Ginevra/ Dutch/Scandinavian Triplets – Sonja, Lena and Mariel / Arabic Triplets – Nadia, Inara and Samira/ Vintage Triplets – Alice, Rosalind and Beatrix

    @lavenderbelle - Irish Triplets – Aine, Maeve and Clare/ French Triplets – Emmeline, Mireille, and Esme/ Dutch/Scandinavian Triplets – Sonia, Anneliese, and Linnea / One-Syllable Triplets – Maeve, Faye, and Clare

    @cosmonaut - hey, if you want to do combos too, go for it!

    @bibliophile - English Triplets – Eleanor, Rosalind and Juliet/ Biblical Triplets – Miriam, Rachel and Esther / Classical Triplets – Imogen, Beatrice and Cecily/ Vintage Triplets – Mabel, Stella and Florence. I put in "Word/Virtue" category for names that couldn't be included in the "Flower Triplet" category. Some non-botanical names could be gender neutral so they can be entered in the "Unisex" category. Russian is included in "Slavic". I was thinking of doing a separate "Hebrew" category but I ran out of time!
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    English Triplets – Eloise, Georgiana, & Scarlett

    Irish Triplets – Keira, Maeve, & Nora

    Scottish Triplets – Annabel, Flora, & Maisie

    Welsh Triplets – Isolde, Meredith, & Rowena

    French Triplets – Elinor, Margo, & Sylvie

    Italian Triplets – Aria, Emilia, & Gemma

    Spanish Triplets – Lucia, Milena, & Serafina

    Dutch/Scandinavian Triplets – Anneliese, Beatrix, & Saskia

    African Triplets –Marjani, Nyala, & Zahara

    Arabic Triplets – Maryam, Senna, & Zara

    Hindi Triplets – Asha, Mina, & Sena

    Slavic Triplets – Adelina, Magda, & Zuzanna

    Japanese Triplets – Hanako, Naoko, & Sakura

    Biblical Triplets – Lydia, Magdalen, & Tabitha

    Classical Triplets – Aurelia, Claudia, & Livia

    Vintage Triplets – Adelaide, Cora, & Mabel

    Mythological Triplets – Isis, Juno, & Persephone

    Shakespearean Triplets – Juliet, Ophelia, & Rosalind

    Flower Triplets – Calla, Poppy, & Violet

    Bird Names – Dove, Lark, & Wren

    Place Names – Cambria, Holland, & India

    Word/Virtue Triplets – Haven, Story, & Winter

    Nickname Triplets – Etta, Kate, & Libby

    One-Syllable Triplets – Claire, Jane, & Rose

    Feminization Triplets – Charlotte, Josephine, & Louisa

    Feminissima Triplets – Arabella, Isadora, & Violetta

    Unisex Triplets – Auden, Harper, & Rory

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    Cair Paravel :)
    English Triplets – Annabel, Georgiana, and Edith "Annie, Georgie, and Edie"

    Irish Triplets – Aoife, Aislinn, and Niamh

    Scottish Triplets – Eilidh, Fiona, and Grier "Eilidh, Fee, and Grier"

    Welsh Triplets – Gwendolen, Bethan, and Lili "Winnie, Annie, and Lili"

    French Triplets – Isabelle, Arianne, and Charlotte "Bella, Ari, and Lottie"

    Italian Triplets – Aurora, Liliana, and Giuseppina "Ari, Lily, and Posy"

    Spanish Triplets – Adelia, Sofia, and Emelia "Addy, Sofia, and Emmy"

    Dutch/Scandinavian/German Triplets – Johanna, Liv, and Josefina "Annie, Liv, and Posy"

    African Triplets – Elila, Nia, and Imani

    Arabic Triplets – Zara, Aminah, and Leila "Zara, Mina, and Leila"

    Hindi Triplets – Divya, Lela, and Priya

    Slavic Triplets – Lilia, Julia, and Ekaterina "Lily, Julia, and Kit"

    Japanese Triplets – Hana, Mio, and Emi

    Biblical Triplets – Rachel, Hannah, and Lydia "Rachel, Annie, and Liddy"

    Classical Triplets – Aurelia, Julia, and Lucia "Ari, Jul, and Lulu"

    Vintage Triplets – Agnes, Edith, and Meryl "Annie, Edie, and Emmy"

    Mythological Triplets – Ariadne, Daphne, and Penelope "Ari, Daphne, and Poppy"

    Shakespearean Triplets – Olivia, Ophelia, and Helena "Livy, Lou, and Leni"

    Flower Triplets – Violet, Liliana, and Poppy "Violet, Lily, and Poppy"

    Bird Names – Wren, Lark, and Sparrow "Wren, Lark, and Ari"

    Place Names – Charlotte, Savannah, and Natalie "Lottie, Annie, and Tallie"

    Word/Virtue Triplets – Grace, Verity, and Felicity "Grace, Very, and Issy"

    Nickname Triplets – Tess, Lottie, and Annie

    One-Syllable Triplets – Grace, Tess, and Eve "Grace, Tess, and Evie"

    Feminization Triplets – Charlotte, Josephine, and Georgiana "Lottie, Posy, and Georgie"

    Feminissima Triplets – Araminta, Clarissa, and Serafina "Ari, Clara, and Fee"

    Unisex Triplets – Jocelyn, Hadley, and Addison "Joss, Hadley, and Addy"
    Ashley | storyteller | Christian

    thinking about Seville, the Sagrada Família, and torrijas (Spain!):
    Adela Ainhoa ▪ Alejandra Miren ▪ Anna María Sol ▪ Eliana Elixabete ▪ Evangelina Leonor "Eva"
    Isabel Haizea ▪ Lidia Izar ▪ Lucía Itxaro ▪ Magdalena Beatriu "Magda" ▪ Sofía Mireia
    Agustín Petri ▪ Andrés Benjamín ▪ Daniel Aitor ▪ Gaspar Francisco ▪ Hugo Patxi
    Lucas Iker ▪ Matías Alesander ▪ Santiago Xavier ▪ Sebastián Sendoa ▪ Teodoro Artur "Teo"

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    I like these triplet sets very much.

    @katekadleck - Scottish Triplets – Annabel, Flora, & Maisie/ Welsh Triplets – Isolde, Meredith, & Rowena/ Spanish Triplets – Lucia, Milena, & Serafina/ Dutch/Scandinavian Triplets – Anneliese, Beatrix, & Saskia/ Japanese Triplets – Hanako, Naoko, & Sakura/ Vintage Triplets – Adelaide, Cora, & Mabel/ Shakespearean Triplets – Juliet, Ophelia, & Rosalind/ Flower Triplets – Calla, Poppy, & Violet/
    Bird Names – Dove, Lark, & Wren/One-Syllable Triplets – Claire, Jane, & Rose/ Feminization Triplets – Charlotte, Josephine, & Louisa

    @ashthedreamer - English Triplets – Annabel, Georgiana, and Edith/ French Triplets – Isabelle, Arianne, and Charlotte/ African Triplets – Elila, Nia, and Imani/ Arabic Triplets – Zara, Aminah, and Leila/ Biblical Triplets – Rachel, Hannah, and Lydia/ Word/Virtue Triplets – Grace, Verity, and Felicity/ One-Syllable Triplets – Grace, Tess, and Eve/ Feminization Triplets – Charlotte, Josephine, and Georgiana
    All the best,

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    English Triplets – Wednesday, Maple, and Haven (Not British English, but technically English)

    Irish Triplets – Sorcha, Caoimhe, and Eimear

    Scottish Triplets – Effie, Kenna, and Blair

    Welsh Triplets – Gywneth, Eira, and Arwen

    French Triplets – Eulalie, Tulipe, and Mireille

    Italian Triplets – Fiammetta, Silvana, and Ginevra

    Spanish Triplets – Lola, Adora, and Dulce

    Dutch/Scandinavian/German Triplets – Saga, Vreni, and Reinhilde

    African Triplets – Zuri (Swahili), Sekai (Shona), and Nuru (Swahili)

    Arabic Triplets – Nazli, Salma, and Zahia

    Hindi Triplets – Lilavati, Vidya, and Avani

    Slavic Triplets – Viorica, Ioana, and Zita

    Japanese Triplets – Kokoro, Aoi, and Hikaru

    Biblical Triplets – Delilah, Zillah, and Eve

    Classical Triplets – Eudocia, Ambrosia, and Zosime

    Vintage Triplets – Eloise, Agatha, and Lenore

    Mythological Triplets – Ourania, Astraea, and Ilithyia

    Shakespearean Triplets – Ophelia, Titiana, and Cordelia

    Flower Triplets – Orchid, Amaryllis, and Gardenia

    Bird Names – Raven, Circe, and Sparrow

    Place Names – India, Odessa, and Alexandria

    Word/Virtue Triplets – Verity, Honora, and Prudence

    Nickname Triplets – Zuzu, Whimsy, and Cass

    One-Syllable Triplets – Blythe, Fae, and Zelle

    Feminization Triplets – Augusta, Philippa, and Maxine

    Feminissima Triplets – Anastasia, Seraphina, and Evangelina

    Unisex Triplets – Sasha, Brio, and Mica
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