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    Oooooh this will be fun..

    English Triplets – Charlotte, Ophelia and Rose

    Irish Triplets – Saoirse, Maeve and Eileen

    Scottish Triplets – Moira, Iona and Fiona (Although thats a bit rhyme-y)

    Welsh Triplets – Eira, Guinevere and Seren

    French Triplets – Mirielle, Estelle and Vivienne

    Italian Triplets – Gabriella, Imelda and Angelina

    Spanish Triplets – Catalina, Esperanza and Estela

    Dutch/Scandinavian Triplets – Ingrid, Malin and Astrid

    African Triplets – Zara, Nala and Zola

    Arabic Triplets – Rashida, Aisha, and Noor

    Hindi Triplets – Naya, Ishana and Mandara

    Slavic Triplets – Natalia, Katerina and Anastasia

    Japanese Triplets – Mariko, Sayuri and Yuna

    Biblical Triplets – Rachel, Abigail and Mary

    Classical Triplets - What exactly do you mean by "classical"?

    Vintage Triplets – Dorothy, Agnes and Margaret

    Mythological Triplets – Ariadne, Isolde and Cassandra

    Shakespearean Triplets – Ophelia, Juliet and Rosalind

    Flower Triplets – Daisy, Rose and Violet

    Bird Names – Raven, Robin and Wren

    Place Names – Adelaide, Victoria and Charlotte (Yeah....I played it safe)

    Word/Virtue Triplets – Temperance, Hope and Mercy

    Nickname Triplets – Lulu, Winnie and Rosie

    One-Syllable Triplets – Claire, Jane and Belle

    Feminization Triplets – Josephine, Charlotte and Michelle

    Feminissima Triplets – Seraphina, Rosalie and Isadora

    Unisex Triplets – Blair, Emerson and Rowan

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