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    Triplet Girls From Around The World!

    Hello Berries, I thought it would be fun to imagine giving birth to triplet girls from various cultures and naming them (a Nameberry dream!). You can use your guilty pleasure names. The names can be as different from each other as you want them to be in sound or look. The names can be from other origins as long as the name is spelled according to the respective culture. The only rule is to choose three names you LOVE for each category listed. I wonder what awesome sibsets you Berries can assemble? Ready for the challenge? Have fun! I’ll go first.

    English Triplets – Audrey, Edith and Georgiana

    Irish Triplets – Aoife, Maeve and Niamh

    Scottish Triplets – Davina, Elspeth and Fiona

    Welsh Triplets – Bronwen, Meredith and Winifred

    French Triplets – Emmeline, Genevieve and Marguerite

    Italian Triplets – Chiara, Livia and Paola

    Spanish Triplets – Ines, Pilar and Esperanza

    Dutch/Scandinavian/German Triplets – Greta, Liv and Saskia

    African Triplets – Malaika, Zola and Zuri

    Arabic Triplets – Farida, Reem and Noor

    Hindi Triplets – Jyoti, Priya and Veda

    Slavic Triplets – Natalia, Sonia and Tatiana

    Japanese Triplets – Hanako, Masako and Sachiko

    Biblical Triplets – Abigail, Hannah and Naomi

    Classical Triplets – Aurelia, Horatia and Junia

    Vintage Triplets – Agatha, Edith and Mabel

    Mythological Triplets – Daphne, Iris and Persephone

    Shakespearean Triplets – Imogen, Helena and Rosalind

    Flower Triplets – Dahlia, Primrose and Violet

    Bird Names – Dove, Finch and Wren

    Place Names – Avila, Geneva and Ravenna

    Word/Virtue Triplets – Solace, Lovejoy and Verity

    Nickname Triplets – Hattie, Polly and Sadie

    One-Syllable Triplets – Claire, Grace and Jane

    Feminization Triplets – Antonia, Josephine and Louisa

    Feminissima Triplets – Angelica, Lavinia and Susanna

    Unisex Triplets – Darcy, Hollis and Rowan
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