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    Thoughts on Risto?

    I think I love the name Risto...

    I've always wanted to name my child after my grandfather, Aristoklis (Aristocles). But I want to make sure the name is "user friendly," for everyone in the family. To add to that, my husband's name is Christopher, the name from which Risto is derived.

    I've done a little research and Risto is a popular name in Macedonia and Finland. Which makes me think that I should maybe only use it as a nickname, because I want the name to reflect my Greek heritage.

    So...any thoughts on the name? Am I over-thinking this?

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    nickname, its not heard of here at all.

    Christopher or Kristopherson give way more flexibility to your child as he grows up.

    if he isnt 'a Risto' you have options, Chris & Topher

    and Topher reminds me of Tolliver, just to throw another name out there

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    I like risto as a nickname for Aristocles
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    It's a cute nn for Christopher, but to me it sounds like a brand of pasta sauce. However, I think that depends in where you live. In my area, a Risto would be constantly confronted with tht association, but I do like it as a nickname.
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    Risto might work better as a middle name. It's nice that it honours both your grandfather and your husband but putting it in the middle means your child won't have to deal with questions about his unusual name on a daily basis, but gives him a nice story to tell when asked about his middle name.
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