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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    Not 'girly' per se, but Fabian would be fabulous on a gay guy.

    I'd rather you not speak like that on my threads. Thank you in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by liana View Post
    I'd rather you not speak like that on my threads. Thank you in advance.
    Thanks for speaking up. As a queer person, I found that comment really offensive.
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    Honestly, I do not like it. It reminds me too much of Fabio, and the pronunciation issues could be annoying. It's frilly, and I'm not a fan of frilly names. And I do not like the potential nickname "Fab."

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    It makes me think of Fabio and the singer Fabian. I think of a wannabe Casanova with shellacked hair. Not a name I'm fond of at all.

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    I like Fabian but I wouldn't use it. I wrote a story about a boy called Fabian who was a bit troubled but it fit his character prefectly.

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