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    Fabian will always remind me of a male singing idol who was popular in the 50s. But I'm sure most people on this board have never even heard of him (Yeah, I'm one of those ol' Baby Boomers). Anyway, I think it's quite a nice name, and not girly at all.
    Middle name suggestions:
    Fabian Arthur
    Fabian Archer
    Fabian Laurence
    Fabian Ezra
    Fabian Garrett
    Fabian Gareth
    Fabian Rhys
    Fabian Daniel
    Fabian George
    Fabian Alistair
    Fabian Arlo
    Fabian Leo
    Fabian Maddox
    Fabian Perry
    Fabian Richard
    Fabian Roger
    Fabian Silas
    Fabian Cyrus
    Fabian Charles
    Fabian Chandler
    Fabian Michael
    Fabian Eric
    Fabian Luke
    Fabian Lucas
    Fabian Joel
    Fabian Connor
    Fabian Jonas
    Fabian Everett

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    I thought Fay-Bee-an was a legitimate pronunciation. No? I do know of Fah-Bee-Ahn. I don't really mind either, leaning towards the first one in an English speaking country.

    Do you think a "normal" middle name would do best?

    I was thinking maybe Ignatius (i am feeling bold today) or Archie? Maybe Ezra?
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    I love Fabian, and I don't think it's Spanish-sounding at all, I actually picture a German guy.

    Fabian Thomas
    Fabian Tristan
    Fabian Grey
    Fabian Mateus
    Fabian Oliver
    Fabian Rhys
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    I know it's a totally different name, but Fabian reminds me of Fabio and conjures images of romance novel covers and that guy in Beauty & the Beast that hit on Belle (Gaston? The creepy guy with long hair). I read it as "Fay-bee-en" But that's probably just my weird mental association.

    Definitely has an exotic flair-- I would probably pair it with a more traditional middle like Alexander.

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    I know a geeky guy in his 30's with this as his middle name. First name is Paul. I was never a huge fan of it, but I could see the appeal, I guess.
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