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    WDYT about Fabian?

    What do you think about the name Fabian?
    What comes to mind?
    Middle name options?

    Is it too girly? Would you assume it was someone of Latino decent?
    Is there teasing potential?
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    I would love to see Fabian get some love. It's soft, but it's not girly. With the softer boys' names I generally imagine a more introverted, intellectual, and/or artistic type. A hyper-masculine athlete or leather-clad rock star could totally rock Fabian though.

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    I truly love this name. It is a softer sounding name, but it definitely isn't girly. I wouldn't assume Latino descent.

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    Fabian Thomasin
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    I used to work with a guy named Fabian. He's not latino, he's black. He pronounces it like Fay-bee-an, which always got on my nerves because I like traditional pronunciation, but I could hardly tell someone that they're pronouncing their own name wrong. lol Also, he was only a few years older than me.

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    I've only heard this name on the ex-footballer Fabian Barthez, who was French, so I'd think of it as a French name rather than Latino. I don't think it's too girly but I'd probably use a fairly normal, masculine name as a middle, like Fabian David or something.
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