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    July Birth Announcements - VIC, Australia

    Siblings in parentheses.

    Luca Lorenzo
    Patrick Frederick
    William James Garrard
    William James (Toby and James [dec.])
    Angus Wilson
    Asher Remy (Sam and Lachlan)
    Bodhi Gordon Goodyer
    Finnegan James (Henry and Angus)
    Blake Lachlan (Jasmine)
    Charlie Michael William
    Lachlan Theodore
    Harry Lyle Charles (Sophie)
    Harry Robert
    Lachlan Scott (Cooper)
    Thomas Lachlan
    Imogen Mary (Hayden)
    Anthony Angelo
    Henry Spencer (Deacon)
    Jake Marc (Harry and Mia)
    Jackson Wayne
    Finley Bruce (Emily and Lachlan)
    Luka Alexander (Sasha)
    Blake Ryan (Lachlan)
    Ryder Jorge
    Gabriel Lawrence Littleton (Ivy and Frankie)
    William Peter (Jack)
    Flynn Daniel
    Elliott James
    Riley Eric
    Jed Benjamin
    William Louis (Lachlan and Matilda)
    Charlie Alan (Julian and Colby)
    Jack William
    Errol Maurice (Levent Jan)
    Leo James (Eloise)
    Blake Gary
    Connor Graeme (Ashton)
    Ethan Bruce
    Darcy James (Oliver)

    Lily Jessica (Nicola and Charlie)
    Mary Elizabeth
    Charlotte Pearl
    Sunday Chilli (Sunday is a GP, but Chilli?!)
    Chloe Grace
    Maeve Audrey (Amelie and Matilda)
    Chloe Jane (Reese and Roy)
    Phoebe Jemima (Tabitha and Jasper)
    May Diana
    Matilda Iris (Hollie)
    Natasha (Mikayla and Carla)
    Mackenzie Raine (Noah)
    Mackenzie Rose (Bailee)
    Mia Katia
    Mikaela Lee (Jackson, Maddison, Jordan and Ally)
    Sofia Jade
    Laikyn Shayla
    Madison Grace (Charlotte)
    Olivia Krysia
    Sylvia Jean (Ava and Grace)
    Hannah Anne (Jarvis, Micah, Declan and Kiralee)
    Amelie Joy (Bailey)
    Ruby Dawn (Mitchell, Callum and Toby)
    Olivia Ann
    Isabel Catherine
    Lucy Clementine
    Harper Ellie (Lacey and Flynn)
    Zara Jennifer (Dakota and Rylee)
    Zarli May (Harvey)
    Mackenzie Paige (Bailey)
    Alexandra Rose (Charlotte)
    Georgia Claire
    Quinn Sarah (Archer)
    Taylem Ruby (Angel, Owen and Mitchell)
    Emanuela Sophia (Olivia)
    Paige Joy
    Daisy Indianna (Winona, Zach, Elijah, Phoebe and April)
    Sophie Anne (Christopher)
    Lexie Gael
    Sloane Elizabeth (Cooper Lee)
    Matilda Sylvia
    Chiara (Lucas)
    Maddison Rose (Cayden)
    Zara Elizabeth (Hayden, Drew, Phoebe, Anakin, Julia and Abigail)
    Aria Olive (Millie)

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    Harry, Lachlan and Blake seem very popular there.

    Sunday Chili is odd but I bet there is an interesting story there. Charlotte and Madison strike me as a strange sibset.
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    Thanks for the list I love reading about Australian names!
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    I really like William James, Angus Wilson, Lachlan Theodore, Elliott James, William Louis, Darcy James, Lily Jessica, Charlotte Pearl, Maeve Audrey, Natasha, Sylvia Jean, Amelie Joy, Isabel Catherine, Lucy Clementine, Georgia Claire and Zara Elizabeth.

    I'm particularly fond of Darcy James because it's so rare to see Darcy on a boy nowadays. I love it!

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