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    Just a random list

    Similar to the one I posted in the girl's forum.

    Keyvus (Kay-vus)
    Keyn (Kee-in)
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Rome, meh it's ok... While i loved the city, There are nicer sounding place names
    Tate, on my list. I love that it means happy. The Tate gallery is also a nice link (art hist major )
    Keyvus (Kay-vus) I would prefer just Kay personally. Maybe because for me Kayhas more historical grounding.
    Keyn (Kee-in) again prefer Cian
    Cobalt not bad
    Tamien, it's interesting. I'd heard of Tamlin and Tamesis but not Tamien.

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    Rome - prefer Roman
    Tate - prefer it short for Tatum
    Keyvus (Kay-vus) - if its pronounced Kay, spell it that way, especially if every used on a child, dont make them go through life correcting people
    Keyn (Kee-in) - same as above!
    Cobalt - not the worst thing, but seems like one of the names where people are trying to find something new lik 'Daisy has been used already so lets us Hydrangea!)
    Tamien - ok, prefer Damien

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    I think Cobalt is pretty cool, actually. I like it. I really don't care for the rest though, sorry.

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    Rome - I prefer Roman as a name, Rome just feels a bit abrupt. Roman nn Rome would work better IMO.
    Tate - I always think of the Tate Modern (art gallery in London) which kind of puts me off the name
    Keyvus (Kay-vus) - I would pronounce it Kee-vus at first guess - I agree with PP to spell it Kayvus if that's how it's pronounced as it's so unusual.
    Keyn (Kee-in) - I'd say this like Keane, one syllable, or maybe even like Kane.
    Cobalt - Feels a bit like it's trying to hard for some reason.
    Tamien - Prefer Damien, I don't like that it sounds like 'Tame Ian' like Ian's an animal or something.

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