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    Viva- i have a real soft spot for Viva. I had a friend called Viva when i was little, it was a nickname for Genevieve which is gorgeous. And Rufus Wainwright has daughter Viva Katherine. The down side, and the reason that it doesn't make my list, is that its often used as a brand name. In the Uk we have Viva paper towels and a music channel called Viva. But if that doesn't bother you then its a great name.
    Ennie- its a sweet nickname, would work for anything with an En sound. Maybe Sienna? Clementine?
    Macerine- not into this. I'd prefer Mazarine.
    Livian- its looks like a smoosh of Livia and Vivian and a bit made up. Its a pretty sound though.
    Dorothy/Dorothea- two of the best underused old-lady names, especially Dorothea. i love nn Dottie and Thea.
    Thisbe- not one for me, i always hear Frisbee.
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    Hmmm... We're considering Vyvyan (my husband's grandmother's name) and I would use Viva as a nn for this. Aviva is a BIG no no over here (UK) as it's the name of a huge insurance company. Ennie could be a nn for Clementine or Jennifer but I wouldn't use it on its own personally as I don't think it gives enough room for growth as the wearer gets older. Agree with other posters that Macerine sounds like macerate. 'Livian' is interesting but you could go for 'Vivian' and then combine it with Viva? LOVE both Dorothy and Dorothea and they're on our shortlist for a girl, but hubby prefers 'Dorothy' because we have a double-barrelled surname and he's worried that the 'thea' ending could sound pretentious and I'm worried about the 'thy' ending because of Oz! Thisbe is very, very cool but as previous poster has put, the similarity to 'frisbee' could be a problem, especially if your little one has a lisp! What about a different ancient Greek name? Euthalia, Pelagia, Hero or Phoebe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by orphanedhanyou View Post
    Ennie - meany miney mo? NO IN ANY FORM WHATSOEVER
    Dude, chill out. Ennie with a short E sound -- Eh-nee.

    Thanks everyone else for your opinions! I appreciate the feedback.
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    Viva- seems insubstantial
    Ennie- Viva or Ennie could be nicknames for Vivienne
    Macerine- spelling problems and sounds like macerate
    Livian- pretty, but it will be frequently misheard as Vivian or Livia
    Dorothy- Oz is all I can think of
    Dorothea- dated, but I love nicknames Thea or Dorrie
    Thisbe- Thizz-bee, too tragic with Pyramus and Thisbe association

    Just some random ones I've been thinking about lately.
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    Viva seems like it is lacking something - I think Aviva would be better. Also, Viva Las Vegas springs to mind...

    From your list, I like Dorothy/Dorothea best. The Oz connection isn't necessarily a bad one - it's a literary one, which is nice. Dorothea gives you options of Dottie, Dori and Thea as nicknames.

    Ennie would, to my mind, only work as a nickname. Henrietta? Vivienne? Endora?


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