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    Viva? And a few others...

    Ennie (On it's own? As a nickname? For what?)
    Macerine (May-sir-een)
    Livian (Lihv-ee-ahn)
    Dorothy/Dorothea (Dated? Oz? Spelling?)
    Thisbe (Pronunciation?)

    Just some random ones I've been thinking about lately.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Viva - Nice, but I prefer Aviva. I don't know why, Viva just feels a little insufficient to me (despite the fact that I know full well it is a proper name).
    Ennie - Definitely as a nickname, but I'm not sure what for. Enda is an Irish saint. I dislike Enid. There's also really out-there ones like Engelbertha, but I don't know. There's names that end in -en, like all the Welsh favorites (Bronwen, etc.), and probably some more I'm forgetting.
    Macerine - I dislike this one. It sounds like "macerate" to me, and hence, to emaciate.
    Livian - Really pretty, but will probably be mistaken for Lillian or Livia.
    Dorothea - I like this spelling. It's a little old-fashioned, but cute, and the Dot/Dottie nickname is cute. Not my style, but nice if that is. Dorothy spelling immediately brings to mind Wizard of Oz.
    Thisbe - was the parody Juliet (of Shakespeare fame) played by a man in Midsummer Night's Dream. I would hate having that name. Plus, I don't find it attractive sound-wise; it's hard to say without lisping.

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    I like Livian the most, this is very pretty and original. Second choice - Viva. Also like Aviva. Not fond of Ennie, Macerine, Dorothea. Don't mind Thisbe.

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    My favorite from your list is Vivia. I LOVE it, it is actually in my family tree, generations back... so pretty!!!
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    Viva - trendy word name, seems like a desperate attempt to be cool.
    Ennie - meany miney mo? NO IN ANY FORM WHATSOEVER
    Macerine (May-sir-een) - reminds me of macerate. spelling and pronounciation problems galore
    Livian (Lihv-ee-ahn) - will always get ann not ahn, child will have to explain every time she meets someone
    Dorothy/Dorothea - supposedly is cool cause other old lady names are coming back but i dont like it as much plus there is always Oz
    Thisbe - thizz-bee, mythical name, that doesnt capture anything mythical or fantastic for me

    basically skip all of these.

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