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    A Brother for Alaura Kay

    Hello everybody!

    I am new to Nameberry, but I think I could use your help. I have a three year old daughter, Alaura Kay, and we found out baby number two is a boy. I have a very hard time with boy names.

    I like traditional names such as: Daniel, Samuel and James. I also wouldn't mind going a little bolder with a name like Desmond, or something similar. My husband, on the other hand, prefers names such as Tyler, Bradley and Trevor. Very 80s-90s names in my opinion.

    I feel like I just need to look at a whole variety of names and get a feel for different styles, and break out of this box. Can you help me?
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    I would probably choose something at least a little out of the box, to fit with sister Alaura, which is unfamiliar to me. Samuel actually sounds like a good fit.
    Ray (or perhaps Raymond) popped into my mind - similar style of Desmond, but with that relaxed Y sound your husband likes.

    Norman, Benjamin, Mitchell, Laurence, Dean, Jonathan, Vincent, Thomas, Matthew, Owen, Emmett, Miles or Milo, Wendell, Simon, Joseph and Harrison all seem like good in-between options for you to browse.
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