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    I'm going to second (third? forth?) Matteo. Great name, I hardly hear it used and Teo as a nn is great!
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    I don't think that I have any "new" names to add to the list, but I will say that I LOVE the name Milo-- he's the main character in one of my favorite books, "The Phantom Tollbooth"!

    In case you're not familiar with the story, Milo is a young boy who doesn't really understand why he should learn things and is always bored in life... and as the novel progresses, he meets a series of interesting people and has a series of strange encounters that teach him many valuable lessons. The story itself is allegorical, and is all about finding moderation in life and discovering the importance of all kinds of learning. The general theme is that as long as you truly think about things, you'll never get stuck.

    Maybe it's because of that, but I personally don't see Milo as being particularly non-preppy-- while a Milo COULD be a beatnik slam poet in black turtleneck, he could also easily be the star athlete of the lacrosse team or the chess club champion or pretty much anything else that you can imagine. He could grow up to be an architect or an engineer or a teacher or a businessman or anything, really. It's a versatile name

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    There are 5 M names for boys that I really like:
    1. Marcus- I know you said Mark is off the table, but Marcus is a great version. It brings to mind Marcus Aurelius and the Roman Empire, so it has a very manly and regal feeling. With the -us ending, it also feels quite modern.
    2. Malachy- This is the Irish variation of Malachi, pronounced Ma-la-kee. I'm not sure why, but I just love its sound. Although it is a little bit unique, it's not too far in left field. I could see Mac being an adorable nn.
    3. Malcolm- If I could only choose 1, Malcolm would be it. This name really is perfect... it's manly, but still has a friendly and welcoming sound. It's classic, and not by any means trendy. The name itself has a wonderful meaning (unlike Marcus, which just means 'warlike'), and can be shortened to Mac.
    4. Martin- This is a wonderful, classic name. I love its understated nature, as it just seems so down-to-earth. The only drawback for me is that I hate the nn Marty.
    5. Micah- A wonderful Biblical name, which seems to have become a modern alternative to Michael. This is another down-to-earth name that does not seem to put on any airs in its simplicity. This name also comes with a lot of nns... Mike, Mikey, Mick, Mickey, etc.
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    I really like Milo. It's an old roman name. I think it's really stylish and awesome.

    Marco Really stylish and interesting. It's classic and has the old world style, but also trendy with the 0-ending. also Marcus.

    Marshall It's a really cute name. Solidly American name.

    My grandmother had an uncle Merritt. It sounds unisex to me. I don't see becoming a hot name for girls the same way I see Marlow/Marlo/Marlowe going for girls. In the next few years I expect Marlo to rise for girls. A name nerd trick is to add the spellings popularity. It's more popular than one spelling would indicate.

    If you like vintage names try Milton, Melvin, Melville.
    Final suggestions:

    Milo is great.
    Good Luck!

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    The M names I like are a short list:

    Micah - Short, but has history and strength to it. Nice sound. I can't really use this but I would if I could.
    Mordecai - I like the nickname Cai, I like the antiquity of the name, and in an era of Atticus and Ezra, I think Mordecai is perfectly usable. And I like the end sound of "eye," it has a certain lightness to it despite its length, like Eli or Levi.
    Malachi - I adore this one. Sweet meaning, nice sound, the "eye" I like. I'd probably call this one Cai/Kai for short too but it's not as easy a chop-down as Mordecai. It's a more stylish/popular name though, if that's a good thing.
    Malachy - not just a variant spelling. Said differently. No eye sound, but a lilting Irish quality. Sounds completely damn awful with our surname, which is why it is not on my real list, but I love it.
    Menashe - pronounced "meh-nah-sheh." I do not remember EVER seeing it on Nameberry and it's certainly not racing up the charts, but I really like it. People are going to be confused as to how it's said though.

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