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    Odd, but I have always loved 'M' names for boys and had my daughter Madeleine been a boy she would have been Mitchell. Why? As a boy I wanted a 'guys' name and Mitchell so fits that bill. Its rugged and manly as Mitch and intellectual and sophisticated as Mitchell. Best of all, its not rare but not over-done. And certainly not the type of name a boy would get beat up for having. This guys two-cents,

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    You didn't indicate what types of names you tend to like, so I tried to include a variety of styles in my suggestions:

    Malcolm -- I love Scottish names, and this is one of my favorites. It feels solid and manly to me, though some will say it's a little dated. If you're a Joss Whedon fan, added bonus of getting to nickname him Mal!
    Marcel -- I like the international flair of this; it feels much more sophisticated than Mark. I picture a suave, dark haired man who's good with the ladies.
    Marlon -- makes me think of Marlon Brando (the young, handsome Marlon Brando, of course )
    Mathis -- has become a cool French spy name to me since seeing the new James Bond movies
    Micah -- I like that this is an ancient Hebrew name, but still has a modern feel to it. I picture a more reserved boy, maybe a little bookish, but nice.
    Miller -- I'm not a fan of surnames in general, but every once in a while I dig a good occupational surname, and this is one of them
    Murphy -- a nice, lively Irish choice. I picture an open, friendly guy who likes to have a good time.

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    Thanks everyone for the input so far!

    I love Malcolm in writing! Strong, ancient...but said out loud in my average American, so-not-Sean-Connery voice? Meh. And with our last name? Not so hot. I tested it out for a couple weeks previously, but realized it just wasn't The One.

    I want to love Mitchell. I feel like I should. It's a great name with a friendly nn. It's caught my eye time and again in the lists, but it falls flat for me out loud.

    My SIL recommended Marlow. I'm concerned about the girl usage. I like it.

    The name from all these suggestions we're really digging? Milo. Sounds great with our last name - perhaps the best sound out of generations of M names, if I do say so Easy to imagine yelling across a playground. But I'm not sure if it's "us." We're pretty preppy, and in my mind, Milo would be a beatnik wearing a turtleneck and a beret listening to jazz smoking a cigarette. What does everyone think of Milo? What comes to mind for you? I can see a little Milo and I can see an old Milo, but I can't picture a middle-aged Milo.

    Merritt's another one that I love in writing, but it sounds like a girl's name when I say it out loud. Anyone else think that? Mercer also sounds feminine to me.

    Marek (and assorted spellings) sound just ok with our name, though I really like the sound of the name by itself. Our last name is proving more difficult than I expected and is driving this name nerd nuts! Starts with a vowel sound, a cluster of tongue-trippy consonants in the middle, and ends with an S. Blergh.

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    I have the exact same feelings as you about the name Mitchell!

    To me, Marlow does seem more on the feminine side, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who feel the opposite way.

    I think Milo would be a great choice! The only reason I didn't suggest it earlier was because I thought it might be too close to Miles. I actually get kind of the opposite imagery from Milo: an outdoorsy, adventurous type of guy.

    If Merritt is a little too feminine sounding for you, what about Merrick? I know a little boy with this name, and he is adorable.

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