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    Help name our baby boy?

    Hi! My name is Kylie. I just recently found out that I am having a baby boy! Couldn't be more excited. I'm having trouble getting my boyfriend to help any when it comes to names so I'm just taking the reigns on it for right now. I have a list already, none of the combos set in stone really so feel free to change them around and PLEASE suggest other names you think I might like. If baby was a girl we'd already be done with this naming thing, we had already picked Lilia Evelyn Kate.

    The list-

    Leo Benjamin Rhys P.
    Judah Oliver Kai P.
    Sawyer Vincent Jude P.
    Ezra Dominic Rhys P.
    Abel Benjamin Kai P.
    Alaric Rowan Chase P.
    Miles Christopher Jude P.
    Declan August Kai P.
    Asher Luka Dean P.
    Isaac Nathaniel Rhys P.
    Roman Judah Kai P.
    Jonas Alaric Graham P.

    Thank you so much for whatever help you can give!

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    I think Jonas Alaric Graham is my favorite, but all of these are great. Sawyer is my least favorite because it seems the least classic. To narrow it down, I think it'd really come down to how it sounds with your last name and how it feels calling it on the playground.

    Have you seen this test drive? It really helped me decide on one name! Baby Name Test Drive :

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    Great names! I like the names Alaric Declan Rhys in combination, but all your choices are smart.

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    Lovely choices my faves are Miles Christopher Kai and Roman Judah Kai (or Malachi)

    Psalm 23

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