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    Ovulation test kits questions

    I am TTC for about 1 year now. I have very irregular menstral cycles so it is difficult for me to determine when I am ovulating. I bought LH test strips online and wanted to know of anyone on here has used them and if so if they were effective in determining ovulation. I also read that you need to test twice a day and you should not use your first urine of the day. Is this accurate? I know this may be TMI but my DH and I are trying very hard to conceive without much luck. Any input is much appreciated.
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    Yes, I have read too that you should not use first morning's urine, so I never did. Usually, I could only manage to test after work.

    I only tested twice a day around the time I thought I would be ovulating, but my cycles were regular by the time I started using the test strips. I was lucky enough to have a "fade in" pattern. My test line would get progressively darker as I approached ovulation, and then it was clearly darker than the test line right before. It might be trickier with irregular cycles, so I would suggest checking your cervical fluid at the same time to help narrow down when it's happening.

    There is a TTC 2013 thread that has lots of support and information if you wanted to join. Also, here is a thread someone started recently about OPKs. It's closed now, but just for some more info Accidentally posted in wrong forum: How do ovulation kits work?
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    This might seem counterintuitive, but you might consider going on birth control to cause your periods to become regular, then try again to conceive (without so much guesswork).

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    I would def echo what the pp said above, check out the TTC 2013 forum. The women on there are in the same boat and they are absolutely fabulous with this stuff - and also very sweet and welcoming! Good luck!

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    I only did them once a day, but they worked well for me to pinpoint ovulation days. My cycles are quite irregular too (between 30 and 45 days) and the opk was absolutely the only way I got the timing right.
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