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    Quote Originally Posted by elliebean13 View Post
    Out of the options you gave I like Lucy and Molly. I love Whitney, but it doesn't have the same feel. Allison is nms. The one thing I don't like about Lucy and Molly is the -ie/y endings they share with Gracie. I feel like if you have a Gracie and a Molly, you'd feel pressured into using a name that fits the theme for the third child. Don't get me wrong, I love nicknamey-names, but in this case I'd avoid them. Lucy has so many longer versions that could work with it so here's a few that I think go with Gracie:

    what does "nms" mean? too be honest, Allison is my husband choice,I like Lucy and Molly better too. and if we have a third girl, heaven help us (on the name front that is).

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    I think Molly and Lucy are really sweet and they go nicely with Gracie, but it's a shame that you're not "in love" with those names. Maybe keep searching until you find a name you love as much as Gracie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitkat26 View Post
    yes, I get that and have heard it before but we decided the name we really liked was Gracie, so why name her " Grace"? why can't she still grow up and asked to be called" Grace" if that's what she wants? we figure if a Grace can go by Gracie, then can't a Gracie go by Grace? when it came to naming her when she was born wanted to give her a name that was special to us and one that we truly loved, and that name, as it had been for years, was Gracie, not Grace. (nothing against all the graces out there). and sometimes people do call her Grace, and that's fine, because it is a form of her name. I don't feel any pressure to correct people every time, it's not necessary, but most of the time they get it right, and it fits her perfectly. now when she gets older into school age,I probably will be sure they understand that her given name is Gracie, but I am not too concerned about it. nor am I with the whole argument " she wont be taken seriously", anyone who judges her solely based on her name, especially when its not THAT unusual, isn't worth her time. so that's the story behind that, should it clarify things for you. we're just not conventional people. true to ourselves not the ' norms'. simply, we loved Gracie so our daughter is Gracie and that's the only reason we needed. when she's older she can be whatever she wants. but I welcome your question, it's too be expected. and thank you for all your sibling suggestions, though I hadn't realized a biblical theme. now Rocket, that has a nice ring to it. JK
    I just wanted to applaud you for giving such a rational response to a pretty rude remark. Normally people on here don't criticize names that have already been given to a child but you handled yourself with grace (pun intended).

    I think Molly is a nice choice and I really like Lucy but I agree that finding a name with a different ending sound would be nice. Have you considered Kate, Tess/Tessa, or Claire.

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    Gracie is adorable and that comment was rude.

    What about

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