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  • Lydia

    14 73.68%
  • Esme

    5 26.32%
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    Poll: Sister for Isobel

    Right this moment we're between Lydia nn Lia and Esme nn Essie as first names should we have another daughter? Which do you prefer? Any pros or cons you see to either name? Our last name is 2 syllables beginning with W (think dictionary) I have a whole other list of MN for each, but want to pick a FN first. Any suggestions similar to Lydia and Esme that go with Isobel? (her nn is Belle)
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    I chose Lydia for Isobel's sister because the names work together even though they are different. Esme has kind of a similar beginning as Isobel so that's why I didn't pick it, even though I think Esme is lovely.

    What about Lydia Esme?
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