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    Name challenge - Grayson vs Graydon

    My fave boy name is Grayson. We have a daughter, Scarlett Grace, 3. I also have a nephew named Mason, who we are always with. My concern is threefold:
    1) Grayson and Mason are too close
    2) Scarlett and Gray as a subset make it sound like we are die-hard Ohio State fans ( We are from Ohio, but don't care about OSU) 3) Grayson and Grace are too similar

    I like - but don't love- Graydon as an alternative, but I still have #2 as a conflict. Thoughts?

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    You raise some good concerns. I agree that if you're with Mason quite a bit, a rhyming name might not be best pick, but maybe it's not a total scratch. Scarlett and Grey might be an issue as a sibset if you're still living in Ohio or if you were in Michigan (I'm a UM fan)... others might not pick up on it. As far as the middle name of your daughter being too similar, I see it only being an issue if you call her "Scarlett Grace" a lot. I feel Graydon is made up so I'm looking for some alternatives...

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    Grayson is definitely better than Graydon, (ps - Grey seems more elegant, plus takes another letter away from being like Mason)

    it sounds like Grey will be his nickname from your post, Mason & Grey is totally fine ^_^

    if Mason was Graysons brother, then yeah thats too close.

    dont think Grey and Grace as too bad even if they were both first names simply because they are so lovely, its just not the same as James & John, May & Bay, etc

    plus Grace is the middle name, you'll never introduce them as Grace & Grey or Greyson, it'll be Scarlett and Greyson.

    i wouldnt care about the football colors, you arent fans and i doubt people will say when you introduce your kids 'Go Ohio!' or something.

    plus if you arent fans, you probably wont be anywhere die-hard fans would be in the first place

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    Grayson is the way to go. : )

    Wishing you well.
    Mommy to Eva Lily Catherine, b. 1/31/2014

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    I love Grey, but not Grayson or Graydon. You also have the option of Graham.

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