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    Any other single momberries on here...?

    I looked for a single moms thread and didn't see one, so I figured I'd make one.
    I can't be the only single mom here...?

    Are you getting told that you should be with someone because it's better for your kid(s)...?
    I keep getting that and I'm just having a hard time with hearing it.
    Makes it seem like I should just jump into a relationship and I know that's not the best choice.
    Opinions on this?

    Feel free to add any opinions/concerns/etc. to this thread. I've noticed, from the few posts I've read, that most people on here are very supportive and helpful.

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    I'm certainly not a single mom but me and my sister were raised by one. Both of our biological fathers (we are half sisters) left before either of us were able remember them. Growing up, I rarely felt like I was missing out. Our mom was all we needed. It wasn't until we were 7 and 8 that my mom met and started dating our stepdad. The change was difficult for me to adjust to but I learned to like him in the end. They got married when the two of us were both in middle school. I also have two aunts that are single mothers as well.

    In short, I believe there's nothing wrong with being a single parent. We don't always have to meet societal expectations. And if you do decide to try and find someone to spend the rest of your life with, do so on your own accord. Shame on those trying to pressure you to find a significant other for whatever reason. It's your choice, after all.

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    Great idea to start this thread. I don't think there are many single mothers on this site, but I'm sure a few will come out of the woodwork! You're right, Nameberry is a very supportive site and hopefully you'll get a lot of support from other single mothers on this thread!
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    I'm not single, but I definitely have many friends who are single mom's and are totally cool with it! Welcome, everyone on Nameberry is very warm and understanding.
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    I'm a single mom and I have been from the very beginning. I, however, have not had people tell me that I should just be with someone. If I did, though, I would just shrug my shoulders and still do what I feel is best for my son and myself (which right now is focusing on us). It's my opinion that rushing into a relationship you aren't ready for, will be more damaging then helpful. Tell those people, that when the time is right and your perfect person comes along, then YOU and only you will decide what to do from there. It's no one's business what your relationship status is or weather your child/ren have a male and female role in their life.
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