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    What is your opinion on these girls names

    Hi everyone, what is your opinion of these names? Feel free to be brutally honest if you don't like any of them !

    - Eloise
    - Allison
    - Carys
    - Lila
    - Finley
    - Quinn
    - Juliette
    - Peyton
    - Miranda
    - Melinda
    - Della
    - Caroline

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    Eloise - Cute.
    Allison - Dated.
    Carys - Pretty and distinctive.
    Lila - Pretty, but it sounds very Southern (which could be negative or positive.)
    Finley - Ugh. Can't stand this one, especially on a girl.
    Quinn - Eh. Very unremarkable.
    Juliette - Ok, but I much prefer the sleeker, less pretentious-looking Juliet.
    Peyton - Another name I can't stand, especially on a girl.
    Miranda - A bit dated, but I love it anyway. I'd love to see it brought back.
    Melinda - A pretty name that I feel as though I should like, but it just makes me think of pastel sweaters, popped collars and pearls.
    Della - Cool. I like it, although I slightly prefer Delia.
    Caroline - A likeable if unremarkable classic.
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    - Eloise - Nice name
    - Allison - Feels dated, there are so many Allie's in this world
    - Carys - Love!
    - Lila - Love, hate that it's popular.
    - Finley - ugh, don't find this one flattering at all
    - Quinn - I used to love this name for a boy(thanks Quinn Mallory) but now it's been stolen by the ladies.
    - Juliette - Love this but prefer the Juliet spelling.
    - Peyton - another one that seems dated to me
    - Miranda - the only thing I like about this name is the potential nickname of Mira
    - Melinda - Can't get past the "linda" part of it
    - Della - I want to like it but I don't
    - Caroline - cute
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    - Eloise - loved it, especially for all the nn potential, now it sounds a bit trendy to me,
    - Allison - i love this name, it doesn't feel dated to me. But I do prefer Alice.
    - Carys - very pretty
    - Lila - pretty name, but its getting really popular.
    - Finley - can't handle it for a girl
    - Quinn - surname which i find to be unisex but prefer on a girl, its meh
    - Juliette - juliet is marginally better. It seems ultra popular now, but not sure if it actually is being used. I personally don't care for it, i don't like any Jul- names, but i see the appeal and i know it gets a lot of love
    - Peyton - really really can't handle this name. so many in my area too, its out of control
    - Miranda - love it.
    - Melinda - love it.
    - Della - i actually like this name a lot, although i am sure people will point out it sounds like a nn, because it is. i think its pretty as a stand alone name
    - Caroline - love it.
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    - Eloise: LOVE, beautiful and feminine
    - Allison: decent, somewhat dated; I much prefer Alexandra or Alexa
    - Carys: absolutely lovely
    - Lila: meh
    - Finley: i don't like unisex names very much at all; this is one that i could *possibly* handle, though
    - Quinn: again I don't like unisex, and this one I definitely don't like at all for a girl (or a boy really)
    - Juliette: LOVE this name, but I also prefer the simpler Juliet spelling
    - Peyton: dated, again with the unisex thing
    - Miranda: magical, i like it, love the nn Mira
    - Melinda: don't like the linda; I much prefer Melody for a "Mel" name
    - Della: Delaware, della wella (no clue where I got that from)-i don't like it; I do love Adele though (I hate the fact that everyone associates it with the singer)
    - Caroline: very adorable, and a solid, no-frills name that is still quite pretty
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