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    Opinions on Hamish??

    Ok so we are expecting baby #3 in the winter. We have 2 girls now. Mhairi and Fiona. Obviously we like Scottish names and Hamish is a name I personally love but always feel a bit nervous about using it. I've never even mentioned to my husband yet as afraid he might laugh. Do people think this name is usable? Or does it seem more jokey? I think it seems like such a strong name but afraid people won't take it seriously. Just trying to get a feel for what people generally think when they hear this name. I've never actually met a Hamish. I should add that I live in Canada but in a VERY Scottish town
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    I don't think it sounds jokey! I think its quite handsome and strong actually! I have it on my own list so I am not too worried about people taking it seriously. I don't know where you are in Canada but I live in BC and our premier's son is named Hamish so that kind of boosts it here in familiarity. And if you live in a Scottish town? You shouldn't have to worry about that too much anyways. Plus Hamish looks/sounds fantastic alongside your daughters!

    Good luck!
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    If it's a very Scottish town, it might work. I'd be worried people might mispronounce it as Ham-ish (not Haim-ish). Ham, although tasty, isn't as charming... I might prefer Seamus a tad more for that reason. However, if you're in a very Scottish town, where I assume no one would mispronounce it, then I say go for it.
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    Love Hamish, it's underused, even in Scotland, but still fun and strong for boy.
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    due to your location you should be fine.

    but if your husband hates you there are plenty of other Ham- names, my fav is Hamilton

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