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Thread: Ettasyn

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    Oh dear god... It makes my eyes hurt so bad... I say hell no.. It's. Horrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmonaut View Post
    Considering this person was very likely a troll, I'm not sure why I'm responding, but ah, that is what the internet does to us. I try to avoid these conversations, but I'm t

    I'm not a big fan of Ettasyn myself, but I have to question the assertions that it will ruin your child's life, that she'll necessarily hate it (I mean, she might, but you could very well name her Mary, and she could hate that, too). Maybe if you move in a circle of people made up entirely of people from Nameberry, that would be the case, but Nameberry tastes make up a very small proportion of the US. A lot of folks will think Ettasyn is cute, or won't think much of it at all. Or will crinkle their brow for literally two seconds, and then move on about their lives.

    Maybe it does sound like something an illiterate teen mum would come up with, but then, there's nothing wrong with being an illiterate teen mom, as it doesn't make you any less of a person to be uneducated or to have had a child young. And what's so wrong with being trendy? All these throw-back vintage names that are so popular here are super, super trendy, as well. It's like criticising someone for being fashionable.

    My name is Thomas, and I'm sure the Nameberryans I meet in real life go home, rush straight to the internet, and talk about how disgraceful my name is, reifying patriarchy every time I say it like some anti-feminist death machine. But then, I don't care much for those people, so who cares anyway? The same people who criticise feminisations never take names like Thomasina, Edwina, Antonia, Theodora, and Paula to task. And the same people who say claim to be pro-woman in their motivations for hating boy's names on girls will denigrate teen mothers in the very same thread. So, hey, just my two cents.

    I was about to make a post on a new name I thought of, which is the double barrel Mary Edwen, but now I won't, because Nameberry can be truly frightening.
    I agree!! "Berries" can be very rude.. It's one thing to disagree with a person's opinion on a name, but it's another thing entirely to say that it will ruin a child's life, call them trashy or illiterate, or any of the other accusations that run rampant in these forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spring13 View Post
    Ettasyn honestly makes my eyes hurt.
    lol, yep.

    Etta Cynthia is the only way I can think of that this wouldn't make me want to punch someone.
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    Etta is such a gorgeous name! Ettasyn sounds like Etta is sinning. I would keep Etta and find a lovely middle name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shalexis View Post
    I would go with Etta, if you don't want her to be called Ed or Eddi. Edison is more of a boy name for me anyway. I think Ettasyn is hard to say, and it would NEVER be spelled correctly. I think Etta is very pretty on its own.
    I agree. Edison is great on a boy, but not so much on a girl because of the -son ending, meaning 'son of'. Eddy/Ed is also more of a boy's nickname, but Edith nn Edie (even without nn Etta) is another great way to honor Edison.
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