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Thread: Ettasyn

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    I think it's cute, but am also not a fan of the whole Y thing. I like the sound, but no alternative spellings really appeal to me. I would agree with the general sentiment, which seems to be 'Just use Etta.'
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    I am not one of the haters of -son names for girls - I don't know any boys named Madison or Addison, and Emerson sounds like a girl name to me too. My daughter is Ellison and I think it is a beautiful, girly name! We call her Ells, Ell, Ell Bell, Elli...all girly short versions of her name. BUT Edison sounds like a boy name, and Ettasyn is just terrible. Looks completely made up, would never be spelled or pronounced right. I would use Etta, or one of the other suggestions to get to Etta. Or a similar name like Emerson or Ellison, if you really like the E-son of Edison!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahmezz View Post
    I agree with shalexis. Etta is a fine name, but Ettasyn looks made up and a bit silly. I don't like names ending in 'son' for girls because 'son' means 'son of', which implies it's a boy's name. However...maybe you'd like Emerson. Nickname could be Emmy, which is much more feminine than Eddy. Personally, I'd go with Etta.
    Agree 100% !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfzolghadr View Post
    I completely agree with this. The issue with Edison as a feminine name is that it ends in 'son', which automatically makes it masculine. You may think it doesn't matter which gender a name is, but remember that you're giving a name to another person... she may not want a masculine name. After all, there are all kinds of unintended consequences, such as being assigned a gym locker in the boy's locker room... because your name's Edison, so why would you be a girl? Names signal many things, including gender, education level, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, etc. While there is more leeway now than in the past, those signals that we often unconsciously pick up on are there. For example, being an American very high social class and educational level, you would probably be more likely to name your son George than D'Markyss. Making up or misspelling names is often something associated with lower social classes and education levels (same goes for my mother's name, which was made up nearly 55 years ago). Now, this could change with the next generation... with the hoards of Oakleighs, Krystalls, etc. But I really don't think it will...

    As for Ettasyn, it looks like you made it up, and are just trying much too hard. Additionally, there's the 'y' in there... which makes it the definition of one of those low class, made up names I was talking about. Y's are not salt that you just add for a bit of flavour... nor are we playing Scrabble, so I don't really get why all made up girls names seem to include a y. The next issue is that it just is hard to say... it doesn't really roll off of the tongue. Now Etta, on the other hand, is a classy name with a great history that includes Ms. Etta James, with her gorgeous vocals. It's a name that, unlike Edison, doesn't scream "They wanted a boy, but they got me!" Unlike Ettasyn, it is classy, easy to pronounce, and doesn't say "Hookyd on Phonycs workyd for my parynts!" Sorry to put it so bluntly.
    So very nicely put (I also agree with augusta_lee).
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    Considering this person was very likely a troll, I'm not sure why I'm responding, but ah, that is what the internet does to us. I try to avoid these conversations, but I'm t

    I'm not a big fan of Ettasyn myself, but I have to question the assertions that it will ruin your child's life, that she'll necessarily hate it (I mean, she might, but you could very well name her Mary, and she could hate that, too). Maybe if you move in a circle of people made up entirely of people from Nameberry, that would be the case, but Nameberry tastes make up a very small proportion of the US. A lot of folks will think Ettasyn is cute, or won't think much of it at all. Or will crinkle their brow for literally two seconds, and then move on about their lives.

    Maybe it does sound like something an illiterate teen mum would come up with, but then, there's nothing wrong with being an illiterate teen mom, as it doesn't make you any less of a person to be uneducated or to have had a child young. And what's so wrong with being trendy? All these throw-back vintage names that are so popular here are super, super trendy, as well. It's like criticising someone for being fashionable.

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