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    Baby Girl Rory??

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby girl
    August 7th! We have a two year old son named Meko. We are having a very hard time thinking of girl names!!! A top name of mine is Rory. My husband likes it but is in love with the name Charlie. I posted about that name earlier being spelt Charleigh or Charlee and I received mostly negative responses.. So I'm just curious what everyone thinks about Rory!
    I would like to use Lark as a middle name but I don't think it flows well with Rory.. Any suggestions for first names that go well with middle name Lark?! Or middle names for Rory??


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    Rory is okay. I prefer Aurora nn Rory, or Lorelei nn Rory.

    Vivienne Lark is pretty.
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    I like Rory as a nn, but in general I like it better for a boy. I think Aurora nn Rory is adorable! Aurora Lark is quite "R" heavy but I do like it a lot.

    I've always liked Sophia Lark as a combo, popular though Sophia may be. Or Emilia Lark? I really like both of those with Meko.

    Good luck!
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    If Rory keeps a little girl from being named the BOYS name Charlie, horribly spelled to boot, then please name her Rory.

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    I don't love Rory on a girl, but I think it's fine. I find the name to be quite unisex despite it's masculine meaning. It's in my top 3 for a son.

    I think Rory Matilda is cute.

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