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    The thing is the names he likes I don't and the ones he likes i'm not keen on.

    Phoebe - I like this but I cant use it as a cousin has a child called this.
    Elizabeth - I love this as a babies name.
    Kate - I like Kate as a NN for Kaitlin.
    Lauren - I like this but I was in school with 5 Laurens so it's put me off it.
    Caroline - I really like this but i'm unsure if it would be useable as my boyfriend was born in the 80's and it was really popular then.
    Sophia - I cant use this as friend has a Sophie.
    Juliana - I quite like this one.
    Isabel - I love the name it's just too popular.

    I really like Evie Adelaide.
    Eleanor Gwyneth does sounds cute.

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