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    Thank You both of you - The name Eleanor he likes and i'm not keen on & Evelyn I like but he doesn't. We both like Evie though. - I love the names Evelyn Claire & Eleanor Grace we cant use the middles for personal reasons.

    Felicity - We both like.
    Rosalie & Evelyn - I like but he doesn't.
    Eleanor & Rachel - He likes but I'm unsure on.

    I know Emily & Amelia are close to Amy I just used these as examples of other names we like. - My daughter is named after my great grandma Emily as her nn was Emi and we found Amy and thought it was sweet related to my nan.

    I really like Gwyneth & Susannah but I have a friend called Susannah and Gwyneth would be a possible middle name. - The others are a little too old for us.

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    I would love the idea of Felicity Gwyneth & Amy-Louise!
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    Ooh I like that.

    Any other name suggestions of any different names that's not been suggested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellymarie1992 View Post
    Just Name Planning - I'm wanting help with boys sibling names for Amy-Louise. - On Boys Too.

    I have a long list of boys names and most are just to please my boyfriend (Names I like:- Felicity, Rosalie, Evelyn, Jocelyn, MacKynzie ), (Names he likes:-Eleanor, Adelaide, Rachel, Emily, Amelia).

    I just wanted to know what names people would put with Amy-Louise (No Middle name), Surname Kitcher. - Also middle names accepted.
    From your lists I love Felicity, Rosalie, Evelyn, Eleanor, Adelaide, Rachel, and Amelia. Amy-Louise is quiet a feminine classic, she feels slightly 90s and I think you need to continue with this theme, go with a name that is a classic, has the same feminine quality but feels very familiar and 90s. A name that would work in the TV sitcom Friends. So for me out of my favourites the names that go with Amy-Louise the best are in my eyes Eleanor, Rachel, and Evelyn. Out of Eleanor, Rachel, and Evelyn though the best is Rachel. Rachel is a lovely classic, she has brilliant religious connotations, a gorgeous wholesome sound and looks really beautiful. I love how Rachel just works so well with Amy-Louise they have such a natural flow together and sound great. Rachel and Amy-Louise just work brilliantly together as sisters!!! I like the idea of Rachel Eleanor & Amy-Louise as potential sister combinations'.

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    If you both like Evie, maybe you could use just that, no full name? Evie Adelaide would be a nice combo. If not, I like Eleanor the best. Eleanor Gwyneth would be cute.
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