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    Introducing yourself as Care-a will make people say your name that way before they read your name. I am Australian and I know I would say your name wrong, but that's just how it is over here. By introducing yourself with your name how it is pronounced will ultimately make others say it that way too. Also saying "Kara, like Sarah" would work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peacebird10 View Post
    I am moving to Australia soon (yay!), and I adore Australian accents, but the way Australians say my name is pretty atrocious.
    Well...that's awkward, I would warn against spreading that opinion too widely, you may run into some Aussie Karas or their friends/relations.

    Quote Originally Posted by peacebird10 View Post
    When I introduce myself to acquaintances and my professors and peers (I'll be doing a PhD), I don't think most of them will remember they have to say my name as care-uh. Sure close friends will get used to it, but I don't know if anyone else will.
    Of course your close friends will remember but as to the others, people will say your name the way they say it. Expecting your professors to remember your name (and how your prefer it to be pronounced) is quite the ambition, doesn't really seem like something worth worrying about.

    Quote Originally Posted by peacebird10 View Post
    So what's a girl to do? Do you think if I introduce myself as "care-uh" that people around me will take note and not call me carr-uh? Is the habit to say carr-uh too deeply entrenched? Should I come up with a nickname? Thoughts and opinions much appreciated!
    Some people will remember how you prefer they pronounce it, many may not remember your name at all.

    They aren't saying it wrong though, there is an established pronunciation for 'Kara' it isn't an 'accent' thing, I'd go gently, it's like telling people they're pronouncing 'John' incorrectly...

    The explanation 'like Sarah' may help (we do also have Sara out here, but that rhymes with our Kara)

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    Quote Originally Posted by casilda View Post
    Kara does rhyme with Tara and Sarah, they're AIR-uh names.
    I didn't mention Sarah because yes, Sarah is an 'air' name. Please don't tell me you pronounce Lara as 'lair-a' O_o
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    Aussie here too if you are introducing yourself and say care-ah I'd remember your name as care-ah but if I saw it written I'd think it was CaR-ah, a friend of mine has the opposite problem to you, she's moved to the US and her name is Tara, everyone keeps pronouncing it like terr-a according to her lol
    care-ah sounds like Keira to me so maybe that would be a way explain it to people
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    I know 3 Kara/Cara's and they all pronouce their name Car-uh. If you correct people when they meet you it should be okay but remember professors have lots of students so it's unlikely they will remeber the correct pronuciation. Also if you go to the doctors or something they most likely won't pronouce it the way you want.
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