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    Question for the Aussies

    For the Aussies or anyone with an opinion... :-)

    I am moving to Australia soon (yay!), and I adore Australian accents, but the way Australians say my name is pretty atrocious. My name is Kara (care-uh, like air or dare) and the only way I've ever heard Aussies say my name is carr-uh, and it sounds rather harsh to me. Some Americans say it differently, too, but the Aussie pronunciation is so far off for me that it doesn't even sound like my name any more!

    I dated an Aussie a few years ago and even he had to really adjust his pronunciation. When I introduce myself to acquaintances and my professors and peers (I'll be doing a PhD), I don't think most of them will remember they have to say my name as care-uh. Sure close friends will get used to it, but I don't know if anyone else will.

    Living in Europe, most people get my name close enough, or even when it's kind of off, it still sounds nice. When anyone really has a hard time, I tell them to call me Carolyn (it doesn't sound that weird in a spoken context, especially since I have a Lyn-__/Lin-__ mn).

    So what's a girl to do? Do you think if I introduce myself as "care-uh" that people around me will take note and not call me carr-uh? Is the habit to say carr-uh too deeply entrenched? Should I come up with a nickname? Thoughts and opinions much appreciated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by peacebird10 View Post
    Do you think if I introduce myself as "care-uh" that people around me will take note and not call me carr-uh? Is the habit to say carr-uh too deeply entrenched? Should I come up with a nickname? Thoughts and opinions much appreciated!
    The problem is that to us Brits/Aussies/New Zealanders Cara/Kara rhymes with Tara, Lara, Zara, Mara etc all of which are 'AH-ra' names. It's not an accent thing or a habit, it's just how the names are pronounced. It wouldn't even cross our minds to say your name 'care-a' and to us you only do so because your accent distorts the 'original' pronunciation of the name. You see? Lol.

    Logically though, I think the best way to go about it, is, instead of introducing yourself just as Cara, emphasise to people that you prefer your name pronounced 'care-a'. Maybe even say 'like KAH-ra but with a care sound' as if it's a different name altogether. I think if you do that then people will try and pronounce it your way.

    EDIT:: And this was apparently my 2000'th post. Hope it was useful!
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    Just introduce yourself as (care-uh) and it should be fine. On instinct I would say carr-uh, but if someone was introducing themselves are care-uh I would call them that. Like renrose said, it has nothing to do with accent (its just how we pronounce it here). You might get a few people who get it wrong, but that is okay, just be patient and correct them.

    Hope that helped!
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    I am american and I would pronounce your name like carr-uh as well. As for your question, I think as long as you introduce yourself as care-uh, most people will pick it up. Sometimes you might have to gently correct someone, but I don't think it will be a big deal.
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    What you are contending with is the Australian accent and we cannot get our heads around how the Americans pick up the language and say it all wrong.

    For example most Americans do not like the name Harry simply because they say Hairy.

    We use short vowel sounds the Americans use long ones.

    So it will be a problem and I think you may have to get used to people not saying it your way in Australia.

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