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    Not sure if this is already a thread somewhere else....

    But I'm going to post anyway. I'm curious. What's your favorite Disney name? This can also include other animated movies as well (Dreamworks, Fox, etc.) I've been really into animated movies recently and who doesn't love a Disney movie? Who is your favorite character? Thanks!
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    My favourite character is Belle. I do love the name..but would probably only use it in the middle. I also like the name Aurora as well.

    My sister though reallys like the name Megara.
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    Minnie! OK, more as a nickname, but I really do think this is adorable and princess names are nms so much as cutesy names. I am more into Wendy & Peter, Alice, Fawna or Fauna & Flora...

    I was smitten by the name Basil in The Great Mouse Detective!

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    Merida. I think it is because "Mer" makes me think of the sea. And she wasn't an overly unrealistic-looking character, which I like.

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    Philip is the only one I'd actually use. I think lots of them are nice (Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Eric, Ella) but not something I'd use on my own kid. I really like Ursula too but that darn seawitch just makes it unusable.

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