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    Phoebe Juniper. Yay or Nay?

    Having a little girl in October and have settled on Phoebe as the first name and Juniper as the middle name to join big brother Ian Jameson.

    What are your thoughts on the sibset? What is your first impression?


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    Ian Jameson is very sturdy and masculine while Phoebe Juniper is more cutesy and whimsical. Phoebe & Ian strike me as a sibset, despite my dislike of the name Phoebe, but Juniper doesn't really fit. Phoebe Junia or Phoebe Juno would be a better fit.

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    Or Phoebe June?

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    I realize this opinion might not be popular, but I kinda like the idea of flipping the names. Juniper Phoebe. Juniper Phoebe Jameson is kinda cute if you don't mind alliteration. I don't think either name sounds weird with the brother's name, Ian. But I also don't think siblings need to have "sets" so to speak.

    Juniper was actually a name on my short list with DD, but my cousin used the name first

    I love the potential nicknames of June or Junie.

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    Definitely yay. I think Phoebe Juniper is a stunning combo! Juniper Phoebe is nice, too, but I think Phoebe goes better with Ian.
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