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    My SO says nicknames are a must...

    Hi, all,

    My husband is determined to find a name for our coming baby girl that has a great nickname. To me - the nicknames aren't that important as long as the full name is great and can be used throughout her life. There are a couple of names I like that I don't know if there are standardized nicknames for. Can you help me think of great nicknames for the following?


    He really likes

    Edith (Edie)
    Miriam (Mimi)
    Sidney (Sid)

    Thanks for your help!

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    I know a woman named Daphne who has been called "Daph" always, but I'm not sure that qualifies as a nickname. Not sure of any nicknames for Iris and Hazel, but for Sybil you could go with Billie.

    I personally think Sidney is really cute!

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    The names in your list don't really lend themselves to nicknames, and they're short enough not to need them. I wouldn't do this to a child, but my first thoughts were: Daffy, Hazy, Eyeball and well...I should keep that one to myself. Iris and Daphne are lovely without nicknames, and your husband could still choose something based on the child's personality or initials or personal characteristics (e.g., Ginger for a redhead).

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    Daphne - Daffy
    Hazel - Haze, Zel
    Iris - Ris
    Sybil - Syb, Bil, Billie
    Quinn - Q
    Simone - Sim, Sims, Mona, Mo

    I love the name Miriam! You can also get Miri, Mir, Ri/Ree, Ria, Mira, Mary, and Marie from Miriam as well.

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    Daphne: Daph
    Iris: Iri

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