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    I love Arwen too. I definitely dont feel like its too lord of the rings. When i hear the name, the first thing I think of is how beautiful and classy it sounds, not the lord of the rings connection. I think Winnie is adorable, though I prefer the name Gwyneth as a first name. I love the suggestion of Winter. Its so fresh and spunky. I also adore the nn Minnie. Not sure if you'd like it or not, just an idea.
    Good luck, I hope you find the perfect name.
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    Well, LOTR is the first thing I'd think of with Arwen, but that will fade with the newer generations. It'll always be there a little bit though since it's such a unique name.

    Have you considered Anwen? Less LOTR and also the possibility of Annie.

    What about Rowen instead of Rowena?
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    Thanks, rhiatayler. Been lurking a while and decided it was time to jump in. Minnie is a great Aunt's name but does have all the same stuff going on as Winnie.
    I'm glad you feel that way about Arwen! I would love to be able to use it and my husband is convinced the LoTR associations are forgotten. Still not sure though...

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    We really like the name Rowen but it seems too boyish. I want to like Anwen. It's such a simple replacement for Arwen. But it just seems to lack some of the mystery and sparkle of Arwen.

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    I think Rowan is a more feminine spelling than Rowen, if you like it better spelled with the A. I also think Wynn is beautiful on its own. You could also consider Gwen, Gwyneth, Guenevere or Gwendolyn. Or Wendy, or Winslow? You could even get away with Quinn.
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