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    I like Elowen and just discovered Eowyn and Arianwen (and also just discovered that Jimmy Fallon just named his baby Winnie, how lame of me). Is the C in Ceridwen pronounced as an S?
    we pronounce it Care-ah-dwen but I like Sarah-dwen just as much.

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    I was also going to suggest Winter. If you find the "fred" in Winifred too prominent, there's also Winifrida (a variant).
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    I would either say Willow, or my favorite Wilhelmina. I love Wilhelmina. It think is so precious and beautiful. I am not a fan of Winifred. It seems out dated and I can not picture it on a little girl.
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    There are some good ones to consider here! Thanks for the suggestions!
    I still like Arwen/Arwyn the most, though. IS it too Lord of the Rings? I feel like it is, but maybe some nameberries can convince me otherwise?

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