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    How to get to the nickname Winnie?

    We've narrowed our girl list down to 2 names and Winnie is the 2nd choice. It's so sweet and cute, feminine without too many frills. The problem is, we definitely see it as a nickname and aren't comfortable using it any other way. We can't find any longer or more formal names that can be shortened to Winnie that appeal to us.

    Not really interested in Gwen names.
    Love Arwen, but it seems too Lord of the Rings.
    The "fred" in Winifred stands out to me too much.
    And that's all that we've been able to think of so far!

    Any suggestions? Throw any possible way to get to the nickname Winnie at us.

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    How about Winona? I have a friend with the name and it really fits her spunky, yet sweet personality.

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    I love this post. DH and I love the nickname Winnie but Winifred sounds a bit too clunky next to Lilla and Vivienne, our 2 daughters. Hopeful to see some good suggestions on here.
    Lilla Clare (7) Vivienne Grace (5) Tess Magnolia (2)
    Josette Eloise due April 2018

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    Winona makes me think of Winona Ryder. I don't see Winnie coming from Willow. Wilhelmina doesn't sound feminine enough to me.

    Sorry, we're obviously being picky (but this is a good thing to be picky about!). Thanks for the suggestions so far!

    Yeah, Sarab. I enjoy some clunk, but Winifred is a bit too clunky, especially for you with your other daughters' names.

    We just thought of Rowena. It seems a bit awkward to say though, doesn't really roll off the tongue.

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