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    Help!! Due in 2 weeks and we haven't chosen a name!

    Hello, I am 2 weeks away from giving birth to my first baby girl. I have a son named Philip Elias already. Here's the deal -- I am a huge Disney fan and I named my son after Prince Philip in Sleeping Beauty, so I want to continue the Disney theme with my baby girl. Here's what's on the list...

    -Aurora Bridget (Aurora from Sleeping Beauty)

    -Belle Rosalind (Belle from Beauty and the Beast)

    -Wendy Moira Angela (Wendy Darling from Peter Pan)

    -Alice Eudora (Alice from Alice in Wonderland)

    -Charlotte "Lottie" Olivia (Charlotte "Lottie" La Bouff from Princess and the Frog)

    -Jane Colette (Jane Porter from Tarzan)

    I also take suggestions. Thanks a bunch, everyone : )

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    I would rank as follows:

    Jane Colette
    Charlotte Olivia (love "Lottie"!)
    Wendy Moira Angela (why two mns for this one?)
    Alice Eudora (don't really care for Eudora)
    Aurora Bridget
    Belle Rosalind (don't really care for Rosalind - Belle Olivia?)

    I honestly like most of your fn suggestions better than the middles - you could combine some of them - e.g. Charlotte Jane or Alice Aurora.

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    I like Alice best as a first and combo with Philip but do not like Eudora, so would opt for Alice Rosalind :-)

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    I like Charlotte Jane , but from your list I'd choose Alice Eudora.

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    I wouldn't do Aurora.

    Alice and Charlotte are my favorited!
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