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    Opinions Welcome - Need HELP!

    We are having a baby in the first week of October so we are finally getting serious about baby names. We have an 11 year old son, Skyler. Gender of this baby is unknown so we are picking both boy and girl names. We like unique, rare names but nothing too crazy or made up.

    We started out with Bentley (boy) and Briella or Brinley (girl).

    Then we started hearing those names more so we wanted something a bit different (and I had heard people criticize Bentley on occasion). We then were set on Boston (boy) and Mila (girl - pronounced Mee-Luh).

    Now my husband is having second thoughts on Boston, questioning if it is too different. I am having second thoughts on Mila, questioning if people will have a hard time pronouncing it.

    So, we have gone back to our original names and added to the list with these names:

    Girl: Amaya, Oakley (although a friend has named her daughter this), Audrina, Braylynn, Livia, Everly, Melina, Sophia, McKenna, Finley, Kiana, Kyra

    Boy: Hudson, Beckett, Beckham, Paxton, Crosby, Maddox

    Any opinions on ALL of these names would be appreciated and if you have your own unique, rare name to add, I would love to hear it! By the way, we are not set on a "B" name - it just so happened that a lot of the names we liked, started with a "B".

    Thanks in advance!

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    Bentley (boy) and Briella or Brinley (girl).

    Bentley - a car, trendy

    Briella - i believe a feminization of a soap, again sounds like an overused trendy name not just ONCE, BUT TWICE - Bri + Ella

    Brinley - same as Briella minus the soap

    Boston - because of recent events it would seem like a bombing tribute/honor name. maybe if that hadnt of happened, but that city has just been thrust into the spotlight too recently.

    - try looking at the town for inspiration like Revere instead, after the patriot and smithie Paul

    Mila's pronunciation should be ok because of Mila Kunis. if you are worried just change it to Meela

    Amaya - sounds like you are trying too hard to find an 'exotic' name and added an A because Maya has been 'done'

    Oakley - friends kid + sunglasses brand

    Audrina - Patridge i believe, reality star, Audrey has WAY more charm and weight to it, a case where frilling it up does not make a name better


    Livia - go with the obvious Olivia and use this as a nickname, otherwise it just sounds like one, ps popular so alternative is Lavinia

    Everly - TRENDY

    Melina - just ANOTHER short, fake sounding -lina name, theres too many out there that none of them sound special anymore

    Sophia - popular

    McKenna - not bad, seems that the Mc names are girls are 'out' though, they WERE trendy and then they crashed, they had their 15 minutes and they got WAY overused

    Finley - TRENDY

    Kiana - trying too hard to find a different K name, no 'weight' or history to this name, feels empty

    Kyra - Keira? if so spell it that way

    Hudson - popular/trendy but seems classic

    Beckett - ok, people are looking to this to replace the Beckhams and Bentleys, not uber popular yet, but on trend alert

    Beckham - soccer player and posh spice, trendy

    Paxton - half a Jolie-Pitt child

    Crosby - middle name maybe, not the best first

    Maddox - Jolie-Pitt child

    Summary: Olivia, Hudson, Beckett

    Suggestions: Revere, Audrey (maybe even Aubrey), Lavinia

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    Just wanted to chime in and say that Livia is a perfectly legitimate full name used in Ancient Rome, so ignore what orphanedhanyou said about it. I think it's the nicest one on your list, besides Mila, which I don't think will have many pronunciation problems.

    I do agree that Hudson and Beckett are your most solid, least trendy boys' names, though. Both better options than Boston, and they go well with Skyler.
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    Mila is a great name, becoming sufficiently common, so most people will know how to pronounce it. I love Amaya and Brielle is nice (without the 'a', kind of frilly with the 'a'). Overall, you have good taste and should trust your instincts. Although, Bentley does have a strong association w/the car. How about Cabot? or Boyer. I love Paxton because it can be shortened to Pax, meaning Peace. Ariston is another ancient Greek name you might like for a boy.

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